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The decision to marry a Japanese mail order bride can be life-changing, but only in a good way. Find out what a truly loving relationship and marriage with Japanese brides can be like by simply signing up for one of the popular dating sites and making the most of your experience!

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Stella, 22
22 y.o.
Location Japan, Omihachiman
Occupation Piano accompaniment teacher
Kids No
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Mia, 30
30 y.o.
Location Japan
Occupation Doctor / Medical Field
Kids No
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Sophie, 37
37 y.o.
Location Japan
Occupation Home Business
Kids Yes
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Beryl, 25
25 y.o.
Location Japan
Occupation Home Business
Kids No
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Anna, 26
26 y.o.
Location Japan
Occupation Advertising / Media
Kids No
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Barbara, 20
20 y.o.
Location Japan
Occupation University Student
Kids No
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Did you know that Japanese mail order brides call some men “herbivores” or “herbivorous boys”? This term was coined 15 years ago by the columnist Mak Fukasawa, and since then, it’s been used to name guys who are not interested in sex. The number of herbivorous boys keeps growing, so Japan is getting ready for the worst consequences, including demographic disaster. Of course, not all guys are like that. Some of them are “predators,” playboys, who want to have as many female partners as possible. No wonder it becomes pretty hard for a Japanese woman to find a man who’d “be interested in flesh,” but not too much. Some of these girls use the best international dating site to find family-minded guys outside Japan.

japanese mail order bride in bodysuit

So, have you ever thought of Japan as a place to find your future wife? If not, here are a few facts that will change your mind.

Why should you consider Japanese girls for marriage?

Japanese women have a lot to offer to potential partners. For instance, Japanese wives are far less submissive than Indian mail brides, but they are incredibly popular with men who love independent, confident girls. Here is what else men love about them.

Japanese women have a gorgeous look

The appearance of Japanese ladies is often compared to the features of Korean mail order wives, and there is definitely some truth to those comparisons. Both of them have ivory skin, delicate features, and shiny black hair, but Japanese girls are more natural in their approach to beauty.

Japanese mail order wives are intelligent

Education is extremely important in Japan and women there never stop learning. In addition to good university education, a typical young Japanese lady gets a second degree, completes extra classes, and constantly reads to become a better professional and a smarter person.

Japanese brides are incredibly diverse

Women in Japan love to categorize themselves based on different parameters, and the type of woman you eventually go for will determine the progress and outcome of your relationship. One thing’s for sure: you’ll never get bored when you are dating a lady from Japan!

Japanese mail order brides won’t play with your feelings

Japanese girls for marriage are serious about relationships and dating. They always tell everything like it is. When they don’t have feelings for someone, they don’t lead that person on, but when they do, you are always going to know about it.

cute japanese girl near swimming pool

Why is the idea of marrying a Western man so attractive to Japanese wives?

Japanese ladies have more opportunities than many other women in the world, but Japan is a surprisingly old-fashioned country that doesn’t really promote equality for women both in and out of the workplace. This is something many Japanese mail order wives don’t want to accept, which is why marriage to a foreign guy, who has all of their dream features, is so irresistible to them.

Facts you should know about Japanese beauties

What are Japanese females like? Well, it’s hard to describe these truly special ladies in just one article, but there are a few most important and pretty illustrative facts that can tell you a lot about them.

  • Japanese usually need to choose between a family and a career. Most of them can’t have both.
  • They work very hard as employers, as well as wives and mothers.
  • Though some of them are career-minded, a lot of ladies make an effort to find someone, especially in their 30s.
  • Arranged marriages and marriages of convenience are not that common anymore. More and more young people marry for love.
  • Harassment is a big problem in Japan, and women need to use women-only passenger cars. There are even cafes and libraries for ladies only.

It’s important to note that Japanese mail order brides are not for sale or anything like that. As you can see, there are some reasons why some of them want to get married to foreigners. They are just Japanese women for marriage who are ready to take a serious step and who believe that a foreign husband can give them things they really need, and they have nothing to do with money.

How to date Japanese brides?

Yes, you need to do it because the mail order bride industry is not like it was decades or even centuries ago. Nowadays, it’s more about dating and less about “orders” and money. Simply put, if you want to have a Japanese girlfriend, you need to make a good impression on her, date her for some time and make her fall in love with you. Your goal is to make her think that marrying you is the best idea ever.

beautiful japanese woman on beach

How to do it? Japan is a homogeneous country with some strong traditions, including dating traditions, which is something common among Venezuelan women for marriage. Just learn more about them to show that care and that you aren’t just another foreigner who just wants an “Asian hottie.”

  1. Declaring love is okay — that’s how you actually start a dating process. It’s called kokuhaku and is pretty common. And the best thing is your future Japanese wife won’t think that you rush things.
  2. Hugs and kisses in public places are forbidden. Just don’t do it, and she will appreciate that.
  3. Nonverbal communication matters. Japanese mail orde brides are not much into expressing their emotions verbally, so pay attention to her gestures, facial expressions — all that matters.
  4. Rushing the physical is a bad idea. Japanese girls are not as “open-minded” as many women in the western world.
  5. Meeting parents is the most important event for both of you. Try to make a good impression on them, be polite, confident, and calm.

Here is another important thing that you should remember. It’s not always the cultural difference. Sometimes it is just her character. So be attentive and listen to her, see what makes her happy and what makes her sad, and she won’t be able to resist you.

Does it cost money to meet a Japanese mail order wife?

It certainly does, but probably not as much as you think. Since you don’t need to pay anyone to find you a bride or to the bride directly, all you need to do is cover the mandatory dating site expenses. You will also need to pay for your trip to Japan when it’s time for the first real-life meeting with your bride. All in all, your expenses will likely be in the $4,000–$15,000 bracket.

Are Japanese mail order brides legit?

Stunning Japanese women for marriage on reliable dating sites and mail order bride platforms are a legit way of getting a Japanese wife. These ladies are just looking for love and a husband from abroad. However, if Japanese brides are legit depends hugely on a particular dating site you are using.

Not all Japanese girls for marriage you can meet online are real. Unfortunately, many scammers want to benefit from you in different ways. And sometimes women behind profiles can be real but their intentions are not. This is why choosing a reliable dating site is essential. To pick a platform where you can find a legit Japanese bride, read reviews, check if the dating site can meet your needs, before becoming a member. Japanese mail-order brides are a good opportunity to find a soulmate, but you should never forget about safety.

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5 mistakes to avoid when you’re with a Japanese lady

You shouldn’t make these mistakes if you want a happy relationship with charming Japanese brides:

  1. Going with boring date ideas. Once your relationship is established, a Japanese girl will happily spend time with you at home watching Netflix, but she will need something more creative at the early relationship stages.
  2. Ignoring the things she does for you. For example, as Pinay brides, women in Japan will hardly ever go out without makeup, but they will try even harder for the date. Saying a couple of thoughtful compliments can go a long way.
  3. Not bringing a first date gift. Inexpensive but cute gifts are one of the unwritten rules of Japanese dating culture. Sweets, toys, or flowers are just a few good ideas.
  4. Forgetting about the anniversaries. Couples in Japan celebrate more anniversaries than an average Western couple, so do your research before the relationship.
  5. Not making progress in your relationship. A Japanese lady in her 20s or 30s doesn’t want to waste time on a meaningless relationship, so let her know that you see a future with her.

Final thoughts

A lot of western men would like to marry a Japanese bride. No wonder, considering that these girls are feminine yet strong and smart, coordinated, confident, and at the same time shy and calm. And yes, they are very, very beautiful and forever young. Where can a man meet them? Well, if you are looking for real Japanese mail order wives, we recommend using international dating sites or niche mail order bride websites to find them.

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