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A Mexican mail order bride is a dream woman of the international dating industry, but what’s so special about her? What makes thousands of single men from all over the world search for Mexican mail order wives even now, in 2023? And what is their chance to succeed? You’ll find the answers to these and many more questions about Mexican girls for dating & marriage in this guide.

3 Best dating sites to meet Mexican women

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What are Mexican women like, or why you should marry a Mexican woman

Everyone who’s going to date internationally should learn a bit more about the national character of people living in the country where they expect to find a perfect spouse. What are the most important things that distinguish Mexican wives from all other women? Take a look at some non-stereotypical facts about hot Mexican brides you may not have known before:

  1. A Mexican woman is most likely to have an Internal Active Control type of personality. According to studies, a Mexican girl is likely to have excellent organizational skills and be responsible and confident.
  2. Mexican girls are intelligent and reflexive. Mexican women think a lot about everything, including their own behavior, which makes them perfect wives for men who want their spouses to be reflexive and ready to compromise.
  3. Spontaneity and adventurous traits are common, too. Life won’t be boring with a Mexican wife—girls from Mexico are more spontaneous and aren’t afraid to change their lives for the better.
  4. Honor is one of the core values. That’s one of the national traits—personal and family honor is seen as one of the most important things in life. That’s what many Mexican women focus on when making decisions of any kind.
  5. For a Mexican wife, personal trust and loyalty within a family matter most. Mexican women are usually family-minded, and they often note that their perfect relationships are built on mutual understanding, respect, loyalty, and trust.

So, now you know what you can expect from a Mexican mail order bride. But what do Mexican mail order wives usually look like? You can see the real Mexican ladies looking for foreign husbands in the catalog below.

Mexican mail order bride catalog

Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico
Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico
Community and Social Services
Mexico, Playa del Carmen
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
virtual assistant

Where & how to meet a Mexican woman for marriage?

Generally speaking, all men who’d like to find a Mexican bride can choose between two main options—go online or go to Mexico to find a girlfriend in real life.

Online Dating 🫶

If you’re going to meet real Mexican brides on the Internet, you should take the following steps:

  • Step 1. Find a website with real Mexican mail order brides and make sure that women registered on the platform meet your basic criteria (age, marital status, relationship goals.)
  • Step 2. Create a good profile to attract Mexican mail order brides online and narrow the search only to the best potential partners.
  • Step 3. Use matchmaking services and advanced search filters to find a perfect Mexican girl.
  • Step 4. Communicate with Mexican ladies online using advanced communication features and start dating one of them.
  • Step 5. When you realize you and your Mexican bride are close enough, talk about meeting in real life.
  • Relatively low cost of services
  • Only Mexican brides looking for foreign boyfriends
  • Advanced features that help build deep emotional connections
  • Special algorithms that help find a perfect Mexican bride sooner & more easily
  • Hard to find a legit free dating site
  • No way to find out if there’ll be chemistry in real life

Generally speaking, though this option isn’t perfect, it can still be considered the most effective and also one of the cheapest ways to meet Mexican mail order brides.

Rank Site Free Trial Link  
#1 LaDate
#2 ColombiaLady
#3 Latamdate

Meeting Mexican women in your home country 🇺🇸

You can also find a Mexican wife without going online or abroad. For instance, you can join a mainstream dating site and search for Mexican ladies, attend Mexican-themed and Hispanic-Heritage events, meet Mexican singles through friends and family if they know Mexican singles, etc.

Though, in this case, a lot depends on luck, this option can work for someone who’s definitely not into online dating, traveling, and/or immigration.

  • Direct communication
  • More socialization anyway
  • Opportunity to meet a Mexican girl for free
  • Success is a matter of luck
  • Social awkwardness

If you’re patient and sociable enough, you’ll have a real chance to meet a Mexican girl in your home country and even in your city.

Traveling to Mexico 🇲🇽

You can meet Mexican ladies in Mexico—after all, it’s a beautiful country, perfect for vacation or even for immigration if that’s what you want, too.

Note that it usually takes around 2 months for people to meet a partner on online dating sites, so going to Mexico to date Mexican women and staying for a shorter time just doesn’t make much sense. Of course, it’s not a universal solution—like all other options, it has both pros and cons.

  • Opportunity to know everything about Mexican culture
  • Beautiful country with a great climate
  • Opportunity to feel real chemistry
  • This a very serious step to take
  • Too expensive for most singles

This is a great option, but it will work only for people who can afford a very long vacation, have remote jobs, and don’t mind immigrating to Mexico City or another big city or having good career opportunities in this particular country.

👉 So, if you want to meet Mexican mail order brides or just single Mexican women, you can choose between these three ways. Remember that you’ll make the right decision if you consider all your priorities, your budget, and your expectations about the experience. Most men prefer dating Mexican women online before they invest more, and we must admit this is really the most rational choice in terms of value for money and success rate.

How much does it cost to get a Mexican mail order bride?

What about the price? Men can’t literally mail order a Mexican bride, but online dating services, along with trips to Mexico, cost money. We estimated some of the major expenditures, so take a look.

  • Online dating expenses: $1,200 a year
  • One week travel (tickets + hotel): $900
  • Visa and documents: $1,200
  • Wedding: $100-$20,000
  • Total:  $3,400-$23,400

It’s not as expensive as many people think, but you also should consider the fact that the total “cost” of a wife will depend on the choices you make, from the dating site you are using to the frequency and duration of your trips.

What makes Mexican girls look for husbands abroad?

Another interesting question is what exactly makes single Mexican girls choose this path. In most cases, the reasons are as follows:

  • Machismo issues. Unfortunately, many Mexican women still see machismo as one of the most important problems in Mexican society.
  • Desire to find a man who’s ready to settle down. Mexican mail order brides have a strong motivation to get married and start a family with a decent man, and they know it’s often easier to find such a man abroad.
  • Attraction to foreign guys. Yes, some Mexican girls are just attracted to Western men. Sometimes, it’s that simple.
  • Desire for modernity. Many Mexican mail order brides note they want to build a relationship with a partner who also values mutual respect more than anything else.

Note that usually, it’s the combination of different reasons, including personal reasons. Nonetheless, contrary to popular belief, immigration as it is definitely isn’t one of the primary motivations.

Common myths about Mexican women

If you’re going to win the heart of a Mexican girl, there’s one thing you should avoid at all costs. Yes, you’ve guessed it right—these are the stereotypes that, unfortunately, often impact how we see Mexican women and other girls from Latin America. What are they? Take a look at the list below.

  • ❌ All Mexican women are very loud and incredibly emotional

Busted. That’s the most common myth. There are a lot of shy and introverted Mexican brides, as well as extroverted Mexican girls—it always depends on the person, her background, family, social circles, etc.

  • ❌ Mexican girls all have low-wage jobs

Busted. They’re all maids or waiters, right? Wrong. Many Mexican women, including Mexican mail order wives, have good education and build careers.

  • ❌ A Mexican woman always comes from a large family

Busted. They say that if you’re going to marry a Mexican wife, you’ll also marry her parents, dozens of aunts and uncles, and, of course, siblings. Well, family ties are really strong in Mexico, but not all Mexican girls are from large families. Moreover, today, that’s rather an exception than a rule.

  • ❌ Mexican ladies are much easier than girls in other countries

Busted. Mexican society doesn’t stigmatize love in any form, but it’s a mistake to think that if you meet a Mexican girl, she’ll definitely be easy.

  • ❌ Nothing matters more than Catholicism

Busted. Most Mexican brides, especially younger ones, aren’t that religious. Faith matters, but it’s not always one of the core values.

Here’s the rule that all the people who want to date internationally should follow—rely on facts, on studies results, and let yourself draw your own conclusions instead of trying to understand another nation based on things that other people tell and that media show. If you follow it, you’ll have a much better chance to avoid mistakes and make good impressions on people from any country, including Mexico.


If you want to meet a Mexican bride, you can do it pretty easily—nowadays, borders are nearly fictional, as you can easily cross them just by browsing one of the Mexican dating sites. However, we still recommend weighing all the pros and cons before you take this step and choosing the website to meet Mexican mail order brides really carefully. These are the things that largely determine success.


Are Mexican mail order brides legal?

No, you can legally meet a Mexican bride online, meet her in real life and then marry her. In reality, getting a Mexican mail order wife has nothing to do with making a purchase—people just find each other on niche sites, and the rest depends on them.

Is it possible to find real Mexican wives online?

Yes, it’s possible. There are many single Mexican women seeking marriage with foreign guys, and most of them join niche dating sites to meet potential husbands. So, if you find and join such a platform, too, you’ll be able to meet Mexican mail order wives online.

How do language barriers impact mail order bride relationships with Mexican women?

Most Mexican brides speak English pretty well—the likelihood of meeting a Mexican girl who doesn’t speak English at all will be even lower than if you’d be looking for a wife from, for example, some countries of Asia.

How do Mexican women perceive relationships and marriage compared to American women?

A Mexican mail order bride is likely to be more family-minded overall. Though many Mexican women are pretty ambitious and often have good careers, they are often more focused on their relationships and usually are more motivated to have children at an earlier age compared to Western women.

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