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French women are well-known around the world for their chic style and charming personalities, but have you ever considered getting a French wife? Here are the most important things to know about French brides as a Western guy!

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 How much does it cost to get a French wife?

Of course, for many of you, money matters a lot, which is why you are curious how much it would be to have a French mail order bride. Well, first, we want you to know that you cannot just buy a woman. In fact, by “cost,” we mean how much you’ll have to spend to find and woo a woman from France. So are French brides expensive? Let’s see.

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  • Mail order bride platform services. The best way to meet a gorgeous French woman for marriage is via a dating site, but these services are not free. On average, using a dating site costs about $1,500-$2,000. 
  • Travel expenses. If you want to meet your beloved in real life, a trip to France will cost you about $2,000-$4,000.
  • Wooing. To conquer your beloved’s heart, you’re going to have to give her gifts and flowers, as well as go on romantic dates with her. That will cost you at least $1,500-$2,000. 
  • Visa. To bring your girlfriend to America, you’ll have to pay $265 for her visa.

Wedding and moving. Getting married and moving in with your sweetheart will be no less than $30,000.

5 things you’ll love the most about French girls for marriage

French mail order brides are just unique creatures. What are their features? Read on to find out.

French females are visually stunning

There is a lot that can be said about the beauty of French women. They are naturally pretty, and what’s even more important, they are proud of their God-given features. They dress well, have fantastic makeup skills, and move with grace.

A French mail order wife can talk about anything

Like Italian mail order brides, girls in France are brought up with a notion of the importance of good education. They study in schools and universities, read a lot, and try to get as many cultural and travel experiences as possible while they can. As a result, they can maintain any conversation in the world.

French brides know what matters in life

French girls have the reputation for being romantic and slightly carefree, but their demeanor changes a lot when they meet their ideal partner. A French woman in love is someone who wants a family above everything else and who will do anything for her loved ones. In this they are somewhat similar to Spanish brides.

French women for marriage are feminine

Femininity is one of the strongest personality features of women in France, and they are also known for being masters of flirting. Even when you are meeting a French lady for the first time, you will already feel like the most desirable man in the world.

French mail order brides are easy-going

Even when you’re meeting a single French lady for the first time, you will never feel awkward or experience communication problems. When a French woman senses your lack of confidence, she will direct the conversation in a way that feels comfortable for both.

french mail order bride in swimsuit

Why do French brides want to be with Western guys?

France is not some desolate, poor country where marriage to a foreigner is one of the few ways for women to survive. French wives are usually pretty satisfied by the life they have at home, so to them, finding a Western husband is a way to get all of their desired male features in one man.

Are French mail order brides legit?

Gorgeous French mail order brides attract so many Westerns, that they are ready to move across the ocean to get married. But is getting a French mail order bride legit?

Engaging in a long-distance relationship with a French bride online or marrying a woman you met on a mail order bride platform is legal. You are not paying for a French woman for marriage to be shipped to your doorstep, and just paying for services of the mail order bride site you use.

To make sure that women you meet are real you need to join only reliable dating sites that have positive reviews and user feedback. Check if the site is safe to use and has verification procedures for women. Also, it’s a good idea to explore member and privacy policies and scam prevention on a particular platform you are considering joining.

How much will you spend on your search for girl from France?

There is no universal guideline for finding a wife abroad and everyone’s experience will be different. This also includes the financial side of the journey. For most men, the budget for a mail order bride search will be between $4,000 and $15,000 from signing up for a dating site to finally meeting the bride in person.

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How to date a French bride: 5 tips that will help

These simple tips will definitely help you build the perfect relationship with a French woman:

  1. The first date may be different from what you expect. If you envision your first date with a French bride as you two holding hands and lovingly looking into each other’s eyes, the reality may be different — it’s common for French mail order brides to bring friends.
  2. Intellectual discussions are a must. When you meet your bride for the first-ever date, you may be tempted to only talk about her beauty and your feelings for her. However, like a typical Portugal girl for marriage, a French lady needs to establish an intellectual connection to a partner first.
  3. Avoid mentioning any stereotypes. There are many persistent stereotypes about the women of France, and while there may be some truth to them, there is no need to mention them.
  4. Compliment her appearance and mind. Like any woman in the world, a typical French girl loves compliments. However, you shouldn’t just focus on her physical parameters!
  5. Be mindful about gifts. A French woman will likely be unimpressed with a giant teddy bear or an expensive smartphone, while a smaller but cute gift will be more up her street.

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Final thoughts

Finding a French girlfriend or bride will definitely take you more effort than meeting a local woman, but the result is certainly worth it. French ladies occupy the minds of countless Western men, and now that there is a real chance to be with them, there is no point in staying single any longer!

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