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You should date a Spanish mail order bride simply because she is perfect! No other girl from Europe can match the passion and sexiness of a Spanish woman for online communication. While Eastern European brides can compete with Spanish brides in beauty, no Ukrainian or Russian bride can be as passionate, emotional, and hot as a Spanish wife! Moreover, in 2019, more than 130 brides came to the United States from Spain, which is more than most European countries! If you want to know how to score a date with a Spanish bride, check out what we have for you!

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Vladyslava, 56
56 y.o.
Location Spain, Marbella
Occupation psychologist
Kids 2
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Elena, 25
25 y.o.
Location Barcelona, Spain
Occupation Lawyer
Kids No children
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Elena, 45
45 y.o.
Location Spain, Barcelona
Occupation marketing specialist
Kids 1
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ela23, 57
57 y.o.
Location Barcelona, Spain
Occupation Tourism manager
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Anastasia, 26
26 y.o.
Location Spain
Occupation Doctor / Medical Field
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Yana, 36
36 y.o.
Location Spain, Madrid
Occupation legal advisor
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Did you know that Spain is one of the least homogeneous countries? In 2013, nearly ¼ of children who are born in Spain come from couples where at least one of the partners is a foreigner. That tells us a lot about this society — it’s quite open, and people in it, in particular, Spanish women, don’t mind dating foreigners. How can western guys use it? Do Spanish mail order brides exist? What is dating culture in Spain like and how to win a local woman’s heart? You’ll find the answers below!

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Interesting facts about Spanish women and Spain

Before we start to discuss Spanish girls for marriage and relationships with them, let’s take a look at a few illustrative facts about this country and people living there.

  1. There are over 1 million more women than men in Spain.
  2. There is a tradition of bussing out women to visit rural bachelors. Ladies join the so-called Caravan of singles, and the bus takes them to prospective husbands. The ticket costs €20.
  3. Online dating in Spain is becoming more and more popular. According to Statista, user penetration will be 12.8% in 2021 and is expected to hit 14.2% by 2024.

Generally speaking, these are the main reasons why finding a Spanish wife is possible. But can you meet a Spanish mail order bride? First, let’s explain what exactly this term means. It is used to name girls who just look for husbands in other countries, on regular global dating sites, or niche mail order bride sites. It has nothing to do with migration for money or green cards, it’s more about online dating. So, yes, you can meet a Spanish mail order bride, but you can’t buy her. You can date her online, then offline, and then marry her.

How to date Spanish mail order brides?

No matter if you are going to Spain to meet a local girl or joining the dating site with Spanish “mail order wives” — you need some tips to make it work. These girls have character, and there are some traditions you should know about.

  • Be patient, she will be late, no matter if you are dating online or offline.
  • They have fiery personalities, so get used to the way she expresses her emotions. Spanish girls are louder, more passionate, more emotional than Venezuela brides, so they can shout not only when they are pissed off but also when they are happy, surprised, disappointed, etc.
  • Love Spanish food, especially paella. Seriously, don’t say something wrong with it, it’s not worth it.
  • Never criticize her country, religion, and especially her family.
  • Don’t try to look like and act like a local macho. All those attempts to be more passionate and confident than you really are don’t look as good as they may seem.
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Spanish brides have a hot temper, and all foreign men should consider this before they start to look for a Spanish mail order wife. Still, if you like passionate, emotional, and confident women such as Italian brides, think about visiting this amazing country or joining the website with Spanish girls — maybe your special girl is waiting for you there.

How to find a Spanish bride?

It is simple—all you have to do is use an online dating site. Online communication is relatively popular in Spain. However, many girls use it to find real and legit husbands from other countries. Serious and long-term relationships with foreigners are common among young and beautiful Spanish brides.

To find a bride online, you need to pick a proper dating website, create an account there, and start searching. Be active and assertive since Spanish wives love men who are confident, active, and know what they are doing. You should also be tactful and respectful, since one of the main reasons girls seek husbands from different countries is that they are sick and tired of dating local guys. One of the best things you can do is learn a few facts about Spain and the girls who live there. It will help you understand what kind of relationships they seek, how they behave with guys, and who they are in general!

Pros and cons of dating a Spanish mail order bride

There are many facts about Spanish women for marriage that you need to know. But here are the main facts that will help you make the right decision and become the happiest person on the planet.

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  • Spanish wives are stunningly hot. They can only compete in sexiness with Latina mail order brides.
  • As most French brides, Spanish women know English well enough to communicate with foreigners.
  • A lot of girls from this country have serious intentions to build a family online.


  • Spanish girls for marriage can be too emotional and passionate.
  • Many girls seek men who are successful and wealthy.

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Cost of being with a Spanish bride online

Online dating is affordable, but you still need to pay for it. On average, you need to pay around $10-80 per month. The final cost depends on the platform you use. While some websites use a monthly membership system, others can have credits that allow you to access single features. In general, don’t expect to spend a lot on your Spanish mail order wife. Real-life dating, on the other hand, would be much more expensive.

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You won’t regret dating and marrying a foreign woman from Spain. Your Spanish bride is going to make you the happiest man on the planet. All you have to do is just sign up on a dating site and enjoy your time!

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