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French girls survive on nothing but coffee and croissants, Italians are freaky in bed, and Swedish women are independent to a fault. Whichever European country you choose, there’s always a strong opinion about local women and a mysterious allure that makes American men weak to their charms. 

So it’s no wonder nearly 3,400 European brides got K-1 fiance visas in 2022. In this post, we’re happy to share our insights about European brides and where to find them.

3 best dating sites to meet European women

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What are European women like?

Just like it’s impossible to encompass everything great about American girls in a few sentences, we cannot describe all European women. After all, Western European brides are very different from Slavic women and Southern European girls. So, instead, let’s look at what makes an average European bride different from her American counterpart:

  • European ladies are usually lean. Although Europeans are also growing heavier, fast food and junk food aren’t as popular in Europe, so most people have an average build with little to no excessive weight.
  • European women embrace open communication. They can take the first step and ask men out, and they are usually honest and specific about their expectations.
  • Most European brides are highly educated. Considering university education is free in most EU states, ambitious women go after advanced degrees in their fields.
  • European girls date one man at a time. In most countries of Western Europe, couples become exclusive from the first date, unlike the US, where relationships only become exclusive after a few months of dating.
  • European brides are pretty conservative. Despite the common misconception about “easy” foreign women, most of them do not hurry to jump into strangers’ beds, either because of cultural/religious norms or personal preferences.

If you’re intrigued and excited to learn more about particular European nationalities, we encourage you to establish direct contact and embrace new acquaintances and experiences. Below, you’ll find a variety of European girls from all over the continent.

European mail order bride catalog

Doctor / Medical Field
University Staff
Spain, Barcelona
marketing specialist
Barcelona, Spain
Beauty Studio Owner
Spain, Marbella
Spain, Canal

Where & how to meet a European woman for marriage?

Online Dating 🫶

There are over 70 million active online dating site and app users in Europe, and their numbers are expected to keep growing in the foreseeable future. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, finding eligible European mail order brides only takes a few steps:

  • Step 1. Build a dating profile on an international dating site geared towards serious relationships.
  • Step 2. Create a portrait of your ideal European girl and search for her using filters and swiping.
  • Step 3. Reach out to European brides you like and see if they are interested in you.
  • Step 4. Develop a long-distance relationship using different communication tools.
  • Step 5. Set a date and meet in person when you’re ready to take the next step in your relationship.
  • You can meet dozens of European mail order brides from all across the continent
  • Online dating platforms can accommodate people with the busiest schedules
  • Most sites and apps have reasonable fees, making them much cheaper than local dating or travel
  • The time difference can exceed six hours, complicating real-time communication with some countries
  • Some dating sites aren’t equipped with video chat functionality, limiting your communication options
  • There are no international dating sites absolutely safe from an occasional fake profile or scammer

If you’re ready to meet potential Western or Eastern European wives, there’s good news for you. Most reputable dating platforms offer free registration and basic functionality to new users, so you can sign up and test them with zero risk.

Rank Site Free Trial Link  
#1 SofiaDate
#2 BravoDate
#3 UkraineBrides4you

Dating European women in the US 🇺🇸

Technically, most Americans have at least a little bit of European blood in them. But if you’re interested in non-US-born European ladies, most big cities should produce a dating pool large enough for you to explore. 

Some nations have ethnic neighborhoods, while others open national museums or host cultural events. But before you dive head-first into the local dating scene, consider the following pros and cons.

  • You don’t need to deal with the time difference and language barrier
  • On real-life dates, you can make the most of your full flirting arsenal
  • Assessing compatibility and attraction can take one date instead of weeks of chatting online
  • The competition is tougher, as there are fewer European brides per American man
  • Some European ladies might be too focused on their careers to have time for dating
  • Miscommunications and misunderstandings are common if you don’t specify the terms of your relationship

Taking all this into account, some research and preliminary work may be necessary to ensure your first date is successful. For instance, you can first make a connection online and chat to get to know each other before meeting in person.

Traveling to Europe

If you’ve always dreamed about crossing the pond and discovering the Old World’s wonders, why not combine a vacation with meeting single European girls? Although, there are a few things to consider. 

  • You can travel across the EU and meet women from different countries in one trip
  • Face-to-face dates are the best for gauging mutual attraction and compatibility
  • Traveling to Europe will give you a better understanding of local culture and character
  • Most European women are wary of meeting random strangers in bars or restaurants
  • Getting used to a unique European culture can detract from your dating experience
  • American tourists aren’t always well-received in popular travel destinations

👉 Unfortunately, a couple of weeks aren’t enough to build a meaningful and lasting connection, and that’s even if you manage to find a girl you like on your travels. To increase the likelihood of success, try making connections online first before arranging your trip. This way, you’ll kill two birds with one stone.

How much does it cost to get a European mail order bride?

It’s impossible to predict the exact dating and wedding budget for European brides. But we can come up with a rough estimate, accounting for major expenses, such as:

  • Dating sites’ expenses: Around $200 per month
  • One-week travel: $800 on average for roundtrip airfare and about $1,000 for a hotel stay
  • Visa and documents: At least $2,300 in fees and charges
  • Wedding: From $150 for a marriage license to $45,000 for a reception and ceremony
  • Total: From $4,500

Please note that all the spending categories are the same for all European brides, regardless of their country, but travel expenses can vary greatly depending on your destination and time of travel. We used Sweden in our estimates, so the rates for visiting Southern or Eastern European brides can be lower.

What makes European girls look for husbands abroad?

Once again, generalizations can’t do European brides justice when it comes to their motivation, but there are a few common drives we’ve come across during our research. Most European girls are:

  • Seeking adventure. Fueled by social media and pop culture, the drive to experience the American Dream first-hand encourages women to look for American husbands.
  • Embracing diversity. Some European countries are opposed to change and wish to preserve conservative values, which isn’t always what young European brides wish for themselves.
  • Looking for a safe harbor. Many European wives suffer from domestic and sexual abuse, and young women hope to avoid this fate by getting married to Americans.
  • Expanding horizons. Career and business opportunities for women remain limited across many Eastern European countries, and international dating and marriage can open a slew of possibilities for enterprising ladies.

Clearly, individual motivations can be very different, from seeking financial stability to living out a childhood dream. As you get to know European mail order brides, you should be able to recognize their unique reasons for seeking husbands abroad.

Common myths about European women

There are endless misconceptions and outdated beliefs when it comes to European brides. We chose a handful of the most persistent myths we need to dispel to avoid miscommunication and offense, such as:

  • Everyone in Europe is an alcoholic.

Busted: Although France, Italy, and Spain are renowned for their wines, and Germany and the Czech Republic are unimaginable without beer, alcohol abuse rarely becomes a problem for locals.

  • Eastern European women are easy.

Busted: Most Polish, Romanian, and Ukrainian women make enough money and have high enough standards to avoid falling into bed with men who buy them a drink, despite the lasting stereotypes hailing from the Soviet era.

  • Southern European ladies are lazy.

Busted: Siesta is a time-honored tradition, but a long lunch break doesn’t affect the duration of the workweek in Italy or Spain, and it doesn’t signify laziness or inability to work productively.

  • Germans are Nazis, the Dutch sell weed, and Poles steal cars.

Busted: Germans overcame fascism after Hitler’s defeat, the Dutch don’t smoke as much marijuana as tourists who visit the Netherlands, and Poland has become one of the strongest European economies, so locals don’t need to resort to theft.

Moreover, most Europeans are patriotic and have strong feelings about neighboring countries, so we urge you to learn ladies’ nationalities and keep them straight if you don’t want to get in trouble.


Whether you choose to explore Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, or the Mediterranean, you’ll see gorgeous single ladies everywhere. As long as you leave weird American stereotypes behind and learn to differentiate between European states, you have a good chance of winning over the hearts of adventurous and excitable young ladies. 

Besides, online dating is a low-risk and low-stakes way to bridge the Atlantic and forge connections that could bring you the happily ever after you want.


Are European mail order brides legal?

European mail order brides are legal. You can legally marry a foreign woman in Europe or in the US, though the procedures can differ a little.

Is it possible to find real European wives online?

It is possible to find real European brides online and get married, as multiple success stories prove. Still, you’ll need to be patient and open-minded to have a successful long-distance relationship.

How do language barriers impact mail order bride relationships with European women?

Language barrier isn’t a problem for women from most countries in Northern and Western Europe, where English proficiency is high. Southern and Eastern European countries tend to have low to moderate English proficiency, though women interested in international dating are more likely to overcome the language barrier.

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