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Colombian women are not only beautiful ladies but also interesting personalities who can make your house a better place. Is it easy to get a Colombian bride? Is it always necessary to visit Colombia to meet such a unique wife? How not to get scammed? This article answers all these questions and more.

3 Best Colombian Dating & Mail Order Bride Sites

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Milena, 40
40 y.o.
Location Colombia, Cúcuta
Occupation pedagogue
Kids No
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Diana, 51
51 y.o.
Location Colombia, Antioquia
Occupation Lawyer
Kids 1
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Stefania, 25
25 y.o.
Location Colombia, Medellín
Occupation Nurse
Kids No
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Valentina, 43
43 y.o.
Location Colombia, Medellín
Occupation Psychologist
Kids 1
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Camila, 54
54 y.o.
Location Colombia, Antioquia
Occupation Accountant
Kids No
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Xiomara, 20
20 y.o.
Location Colombia, Bogotá
Occupation Management assistant
Kids No
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Colombian females are insanely popular. According to statistics, the number of Colombians admitted into the US as fiancées of American citizens or at least residents grew 321% between 1999 and 2008.

Colombia has consistently been listed in the top 10 fiancée-sending countries since 1999, the only South American country in the top ten and just behind Mexico.

beautiful colombian woman in underwear

How to get a Colombian wife online? 

It’s not a problem to find a website that suggests buying a passionate Colombian lady who is ready to give her love and respect to her partner. How to do that right to get the desired spouse? Below, you can find a list of recommendations with useful tips from happy husbands.

  1. The worst idea is to select a site that lacks a good reputation and the requirements you need. There are websites that have a great assortment of Colombian mail order brides. Nevertheless, not all of them are affordable or trustworthy. So, you should pay attention to details that are essential for you before selecting a site.
  2. Do not hurry to fill in the form. When you create a profile, the system will read the information and search for the best match. That’s why it’s necessary to mention the desired age, body mass, hobbies, color of hair, and other details that a website asks to mention. What’s more, the better a man’s profile is, the more chances he has to win a beauty’s heart. 
  3. Examine the website. It doesn’t cost a penny to register on a mail order bride website. Though, chats, video calls, and other great options aren’t free. It’s better not to select offers that you can’t afford. 
  4. Choose the best method of communication. Chats, calls, and video calls let men and women interact without barriers. Emailing is slower but good for a start. 
  5. No need to get everything at once. A lot of men lose their minds when seeing profiles of thousands of gorgeous Colombian brides. As a result, they start chatting with all of them. Such a decision isn’t cost-efficient. Moreover, men will hardly have time for everyone. If women feel jealous and abandoned, they won’t be willing to chat with such men anymore.
  6. Ask for a real date when you realize that she is the One. Dating sites let couples meet in real life when both partners want that. Afterward, they can marry or date further. That’s the genuine purpose of dating sites.

How much does a Colombian mail order bride cost?

Some time ago men could literally buy a bride online. Today, it’s not possible. A Colombian mail order bride isn’t a slave who should obey a master who had bought her. A man can buy an opportunity to chat with her, learn her personality, and build strong relations that will lead to marriage. All dating sites have credits. A person buys them, and the system withdraws the required number of credits for a specific service.

Below, you can see Colombian mail order brides cost of the three top-rated dating websites. Their reputation is proved by clients who leave positive feedback on FAQ platforms.

1. La-Date

This dating site has five packs of credits. The more you buy, the cheaper it’ll be.

  • 20 credits cost $9.99 and only $2.99 as a welcome offer for new clients;
  • 50 credits cost $19.99;
  • 125 credits cost $44.99;
  • 250 credits cost $69.99;
  • 750 credits cost $149.99.

One can earn credits when replying to messages, chatting with other website members, and sending presents to them. Each option has its price. For example, if a man wants to enjoy a live chat with a nice Colombian girl, it’ll be necessary to spend 2 credits per minute. A guy who wants to impress a lady with a gift should pay 100 credits. The price for one email is 30 credits. 

2. Colombia Lady

The service starts at $3.99. Voice calls, EMF mails, bouquets and presents, live chats, private photos, and videos are available, but all of them have their price. For example, 1 mail costs 1 credit. The same cost men spend on 10 minutes in a live chat or 1 minute for a voice call. There are three credit packs that you can buy to afford these chatting opportunities:

  • 2 credits cost $16 and only $4 for newcomers;
  • 16 credits cost $96;
  • 100 credits cost $399.

3. The Lucky Date

Unlike the two previous websites, the Lucky Date has only one pack to offer. 

  • 2000 credits cost $2.99.

It seems to be a lot, though one minute of live chat talk costs more and makes 200 credits for 60 seconds. Unfortunately, the website doesn’t have video and live calls. 

Approximate Price for Different Dating Services

It’s impossible to give exact Colombian mail order brides cost because they differ. An approximate cost depends on the services that a man uses. For example, one can spend $6000 due to many-hour online talks, frequent photo and email exchanges, delivery of flowers, and other gifts to his ladylove. Another person can spend less than $1000, being lucky to find the beautiful half without many-months chats and presents.

Offline Dating Expenses as a Contrast 

Now, let’s count expenses for traditional dating.

  • Flights to Colombia ( $300+)
  • Romance tour ($3000+)
  • Visa and room renting ($2000+)

Of course, men can look for cost-saving decisions, but will hot Colombian brides appreciate that? So, online dating and offline expenses make approximately $6000.

Facts about marriages with Colombian mail order brides

Colombia’s government began to protect the rights of women in 1991, letting them be equal with males. So, they have access to quality education and career opportunities. Despite that, many families violate the rights of girls and support marriages before their 18th birthday, regarding the UNICEF statistic. What other interesting facts can you learn about marriages with Colombian brides?

  • Colombian mail order brides have strong family bonds. They long for keeping family traditions and making their homes cozy for men and children. Colombian traditions have already become family role models for the Western world.
  • Colombian girls are willing to get married to men from western countries due to their tolerance and respect for women. They reward a man’s patience and good manners with passion, love, and care. 
  • A Colombian mail order bride isn’t afraid to get married early due to their customs and traditions. Moreover, they practice cohabitation. So, they are open to any relation types.
  • Colombia has a low divorce rate of 0.7%. Most of them are Catholics, and their religion doesn’t allow them to divorce and marry more than once.

The number of men pursuing Colombian singles grows steadily, and here are a few reasons for that.

  • Colombian girls for marriage have a beautiful appearance. When it comes to beauty, Colombian women can be compared to Venezuelan brides. These girls have a golden skin tone, luscious brown or black hair, and a body to die for. They are aware of their best features and they will use makeup and clothes to make them even more visible.
  • Colombian wives tell it like it is. Women from Colombia are unbelievably sincere. They find it completely impossible to tell lies or conceal the whole truth. A Colombian lady will always be absolutely open with you, and you will greatly appreciate her honesty.
  • Colombian mail order brides make incredible housewives. A Colombian bride may not be the world’s most career-oriented individual or a woman with the longest list of countries she’s visited, but there is one aspect of life she considers to be her prerogative. Housework, especially cooking, is what women from Colombia are not only talented in, but also enjoy doing.
  • Colombian brides truly shine as mothers. Family is one of the most important things in the life of a Colombian girl. Most importantly, this includes her husband, but a Colombian woman will never consider her own family to be complete unless there is at least one child. And their motherhood skills are second to none!

What are human and family values of Colombian wives?

First, let us explain why so many men choose Colombian women for marriage. Here is what you should know about them:

  1. Researchers determined kindness is one of the most important values for Latin women, including Colombian ladies. This is expressed through everything, in particular, through the way they treat their family members, especially elders and children.
  2. Colombian mail order wives, despite the fact that they face plenty of difficulties, remain incredibly optimistic. They love life, they seek satisfaction of desires, and they don’t feel as anxious about the future as most people in many other countries are.
  3. Independence and self-reliance are also some of the main values for these girls. Like most brides from Mexico, they don’t rely on their husbands or boyfriends only, they can look after themselves, no matter how many problems they face.
  4. People in Colombia are pretty religious. Nearly 74% of Colombian respondents claimed to be of the Catholic faith in 2020.
  5. Agreeableness is a common personality trait, too. Most girls in Colombia are warm, friendly, and tactful.

As you can see, a Colombian wife can really make a man happy, especially if he is looking for a more family-minded woman. So, there is a demand for brides in western countries and a demand for foreign husbands in Colombia (a lot of girls there are single, divorced, widowed or just looking for someone attractive abroad). But how exactly can they find each other?

pretty colombian bride in bikinis

Tips for dating Colombian women for marriage

Note that even if you join the site with brides, you won’t be able to just buy one of them. Things don’t work like that anymore. You’ll need to make her fall for you. How? Here are some tips:

  1. Don’t start with sexy talks. That’s a common mistake — a guy starts talking about her curves, sexuality, and other things like that in the first of the second message. It’s a bad strategy. Wait until she initiates such conversations.
  2. Don’t be jealous. If you have already met your Colombian girlfriend, don’t be too jealous. That’s annoying, especially if you haven’t met each other IRL yet.
  3. Don’t make her jealous. Even if you have an amazing female friend at work, mentioning this all the time is a bad idea.
  4. Be respectful and romantic. Courtship is a must in Colombia, and respect is always a key to one’s heart.
colombian mail order bride swimming

So, every guy who truly wants to marry a Colombian mail order wife can do it. Just remember that a lot depends on the “mediator”, the website you use, so make your choice carefully.

beautiful colombian girl on beach

What mistakes to avoid with a Colombian mail order wife as a foreigner

Looking to build the perfect relationship with a Colombian woman? Then avoid these mistakes:

  1. Acting too cool and reserved. Colombian wives are some of the most passionate females in the world, and they expect men to be on top of their flirting game.
  2. Spending time doing only what you like. When you plan dates, it’s important to do something you’re passionate about, but you also need to take her tastes into account.
  3. Forgetting about the power of a good compliment. Women in Colombia are impartial towards compliments, especially the ones that concern not just their beauty, but also their personality.
  4. Failing to show your commitment. For a Colombian mail order bride, trust is the most important aspect of a relationship, and she cannot trust someone who is not fully committed to her.
  5. Not meeting her family. Colombian brides are some of the most family-devoted women on the planet, and when their loved ones like their new partner, they will be attached to him even more.

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How to avoid the Colombian mail order bride scam?

Sometimes, a man searches for a dream girl from Colombia but finds a fraudster. It doesn’t mean that a person is light-minded or something like that. The Federal Trade Commission reported that men lost over $547 million because of online romance scams in 2021. That’s why it’s necessary to follow tips from experts to date safely.  

  • Dating websites DO NOT SELL people! If the website suggests buying a Colombian wife, escape it!
  • Don’t share your confidential information like credit card numbers, home address, etc. in online chats and videos. 
  • Try to find a website with authentic profiles of Colombian girls.
  • Pay attention to the number of available pictures and other details on a girl’s profile. You should suspect profiles that have only one photo. 
  • Look for the photos of the chosen Colombian bride on the Internet and social media to prove their veracity.
  • Dating sites never need emergency help such as financial donations.
  • Real Colombian women will never marry a man in 24 hours.
  • Real Colombian ladies never ask you to be isolated from your relatives and friends.

It’s better to go slowly and interview a woman you like to make sure that she isn’t fake. Summing up it’s worth saying that online dating is a new reality and it’s forecast to become more and more popular in the near future. If you follow certain rules and behave naturally, you’ll succeed in finding the woman of your dreams.

Final thoughts

Colombia is already a popular destination for Western men looking for a Latin wife, and it’s going to become even more popular in the near future. Don’t miss your chance to get a beautiful and loyal Colombian wife—sign up for one of the popular dating sites today and get one step closer to your happy married life.

F.A.Q. about Colombian mail order brides

What makes Colombian women look for foreign husbands?

If you know anything about life in Latin America, you probably won’t be surprised by the fact that so many young Colombian women want to move abroad for marriage. Colombian girls for marriage often feel vulnerable, underappreciated, and even unsafe in their home country. Moreover, they rightfully believe that they deserve a better treatment than the one their local guys are capable of. This is exactly why thousands of girls in Colombia now become mail order wives.

Does it cost a fortune to find a wife from Colombia?

No, it doesn’t! In fact, looking for a Colombian bride online is far more affordable than doing the same as a tourist in Colombia, which doesn’t even guarantee you any result. You can spend just between $3,000 and $15,000 on the whole thing from start to finish and you’ll get a charming wife at the end!

Are Colombian mail order brides legit?

Definitely! An international relationship whether it’s a long-distance or IRL one is a legit thing. Getting a Colombian mail order bride is a real thing too if you are using a reliable mail order bride website. But not all stunning Colombian mail order brides are actually legit, as unfortunately, everything depends on a particular platform you choose. It makes a decision of what site to decide extra important.
But if you join a platform based on professional reviews and real user feedback you can get a chance to change your life by meeting Colombian women for marriage. Moreover, you can legally marry a Colombian bride. If you are a US citizen you’ll need to obtain a K-1 visa, also known as a fiancee visa. It allows an international couple to get married in the country within 90 days.

Where to look for Colombian brides?

The online dating market is growing rapidly. Currently, it can be divided into two main “subcategories” — the international dating market and mail order bride market. What’s the difference between them?
Well, global dating sites are designed for people who look for relationships. However, they aren’t necessarily looking for marriage. You can meet Colombian mail order brides there, too (after all, most girls use dating sites not just to have some fun but to find a spouse), but you are not viewed as someone who’s ready to get married in the near future.
However, if you are looking for a Colombian mail order bride, not just a girlfriend, you can find her on a niche website that accepts future mail order wives only. Just note that all ladies that you can contact on this platform, even Japanese mail order brides, are looking for a spouse, not a penfriend or distant boyfriend, too.
Are there any other differences between dating sites and mail order bride websites? Sometimes, sets of features are a bit different (niche sites with brides may offer more expensive and special services like dating tours), and prices on mail order bride platforms may be higher (after all, unlike dating sites, they can’t accept all the girls who send them their requests.) Nevertheless, both these websites may work for a man who’s looking for a Colombian bride.

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