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If you have never considered Moldova as a place to look for your loving wife, this can only be the result of Moldova’s virtual obscurity among Western tourists. In reality, Moldavian brides have a lot to offer to their potential partners, and here are the most important things to know about them.

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Inny, 32
32 y.o.
Location Moldova
Occupation Home Business
Kids Yes
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Irina, 29
29 y.o.
Location Moldova, Chişinău
Occupation Photographer
Kids No
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Elena, 32
32 y.o.
Location Moldova, Chişinău
Occupation Economist
Kids No
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Liubovi, 26
26 y.o.
Location Moldova, Chişinău
Occupation Make Up Artist
Kids No
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Dorina, 25
25 y.o.
Location Chişinău, Moldova
Occupation Make Up Artist
Kids No children
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Ana, 47
47 y.o.
Location Moldova, Chişinău
Occupation bussines owner
Kids 1
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 How much does it cost to get a Moldavian wife?

Many men looking for potential spouses online and interested in Moldavian mail order brides wonder how much it costs to get such a woman. Well, first, you have to understand that you cannot purchase a woman because it’s illegal. In fact, by “cost,” we mean the amount of money a man needs to meet and date such a woman. Believe it or not, dating Moldavian women for marriage is actually more affordable than you might think, especially in comparison with Western European and American girls. So let’s take a brief look at the basic prices. 

pretty moldavian bride on beach
  • Paid services on dating platforms: dating sites’ subscriptions, premium features, gifts, flowers, video calls (about $1,000-$2,000)
  • Travel expenses: flight tickets, hotels, transportation, food, etc. ($1,500-$4,000 depending on your lifestyle and preferences) 
  • Dating: presents, flowers, romantic dates, trips, restaurants, museums, cinema, theaters, etc. (starting at $400) 
  • Visa costs: $265 
  • Moving in and wedding: documentation, luggage transportation, flight tickets, wedding planning, etc. (at least $30,000-$40,000) 

As you can see, getting a Moldavian bride is not as expensive as many people think. So if this is your dream, forget about money and make it come true.

Are Moldovan mail order brides legit?

Relationships and marriage with beautiful mail order brides from Moldova are completely legal. If you want to, you can legally marry a Moldovan mail order bride in any of the western countries or Moldova.

However, if Moldovan mail order brides are legit depends on what mail order bride website you are using. To ensure that women on-site are real you should explore and google the site before joining. Read reliable professional reviews and check ratings of reputable sources.

Also, to increase your safety, always mind what content you share and keep an eye on the common mail order bride red flags like oversharing personal information, tearful life stories, or confessing love right away to ask you for financial help. The majority of Moldovan women for marriage are a great chance of getting a wife, but be cautious of scams at all times.

What makes Moldavian women for marriage so attractive to Western guys?

These are the 4 things men like the most about Moldavian mail order brides.

Moldavian girls are naturally pretty

Visually, Moldavian ladies have a lot of similarities to Bulgarian brides: there is the same golden skin tone, wavy black hair, and curvy yet toned figures. You should also know that women in Moldova are strong proponents of natural beauty.

moldavian woman for marriage swimming

A Moldavian mail order wife is an outstanding cook

Just like Ukrainian brides, Moldavian girls for marriage are known for their impeccable cooking skills. They consider cooking to be a purely woman’s priority and while they may happily let you into the kitchen once in a while, they will insist on doing most of the cooking.

Moldavian brides are uncomplicated

You will never need to try too hard to impress a Moldavian lady. She will take an active part in the conversation, surprise you with her own romantic ideas, and generally show that she’s just as invested in the relationship as you are.

A Moldavian wife will be your rock

Moldavian mail order brides are understanding and supportive. Whenever you need wise advice, a shoulder to cry on, or a couple of reassuring words, you can always count on your Moldavian girlfriend for that.

Why does a Moldavian mail order bride want to be with a foreign man?

Even though women in Moldova are highly educated and ambitious, they don’t get a lot of opportunities for career and personal development in their home country. Moldova is riddled with unemployment, corruption, and other things that prevent its female population from thriving. 

The truth is that Moldovan women are actively trying to get out of the country, but they are not using marriage to a foreigner for that. You can rest assured that when a Moldavian bride is interested in dating or marrying you, she’s actually attracted to you and not your background.

What is the typical budget for finding a Moldavian girl for marriage?

Being a member of a popular dating site, let alone going to Moldova to meet your bride in person, costs money. Still, it’s more affordable and more effective than visiting Moldova for a few weeks as a tourist to search for your future wife. You can expect to spend between $3,000 and $15,000 overall.

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5 tips for successfully dating Moldavian brides

Dating a Moldovan girl is always something special and amazing. To make it really like that, use our life hacks:

  • Show an interest in her personality. In order to fully trust you, a Moldavian woman needs to know that you see more in her than just her attractive looks.
  • Immerse yourself in her culture. Like most Czech women for marriage, girls in Moldova are highly patriotic, and there are few things that make them happier than a sincere interest in Moldovan culture from a man they like.
  • Behave like a total gentleman. By watching your behavior and avoiding anything that can be considered rude, insensitive, or unnecessary, you can get a competitive edge over local Moldavian guys.
  • Let her know she can count on you. Moldovan girls are looking for someone to become their trusted partners. In other words, you need to become a part of her life, so that she could only imagine herself with you by her side.
  • Gifts are always a great idea. It’s not that women in Moldova are materialistic, but they rightfully view a carefully selected gift as the most telling sign of attention. You can get anything from flowers to gadgets.

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Final thoughts

If our guide to Moldavian women for marriage has inspired you to book a one-way ticket to this country, you are definitely not alone. Luckily, there is a much easier solution—online dating. Begin your search today and it won’t be long until you celebrate your first anniversary with a charming Moldovan lady!

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