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Only 17 Moldovan women received K-1 fiance visas in 2022, barely affecting the Moldovan American population. Let’s discover why Moldovan brides are so underappreciated and what makes them the perfect wives for American men. Once you learn more about their plight, you may get excited about finding a Moldovan bride of your own.

3 best dating sites to meet Moldovan women

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What are Moldovan women like?

It’s a common misconception that all Eastern European women are the same. The truth is that each nation is unique, and each woman doubly so. That being said, most Moldova wives are:

  • Generous. The whole Moldovan nation is hospitable and welcoming to tourists and strangers, so you will never go hungry as a guest in a Moldovan household.
  • Good cooks. Moldovan cuisine adopts a lot from neighboring countries, like Romania, and most local women prefer home-cooked meals to eating out or getting takeout.
  • Hard-working. Moldovan ladies aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, and neither do they shy away from positions of responsibility in the workplace.
  • Secular. Although most Moldovans identify as Orthodox Christians, as a result of the Soviet past, religious rituals are barely a formality for most women.
  • Fun-loving. Any Moldovan woman will appreciate a night out with friends or a more exciting date than a basic dinner. Shows, concerts, and sporting events are all great options for making a good first impression.

Of course, you’ll learn much more about Moldova brides as you chat and flirt with them. You can start your journey of discovery with our catalog of beautiful Moldovan women for marriage.

Moldovan mail order bride catalog

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Where & how to meet a Moldovan woman for marriage?

Online Dating 🫶

Moldova doesn’t have a huge population, but still, nearly 5% of Moldovan singles use dating sites and apps to seek partners, and this number is expected to keep growing. Easy setup and comfortable dating experience will draw more Moldova women as time goes on, and you can meet them by following a few simple steps:

  • Step 1. Register and fill out your dating profile with personal details and quality photos.
  • Step 2. Look for compatible matches using advanced search filters to narrow down the options.
  • Step 3. Study Moldovan brides’ profiles and strike up conversations with your favorites.
  • Step 4. Keep the relationship going through video chat, calls, and texting.
  • Step 5. Set a date and meet in person to see if you’re right for each other.
  • Online dating expenses are much lower than other dating spending
  • Dating sites provide instant access to thousands of single Moldovan brides
  • You can set up a comfortable dating routine without disrupting your busy schedule
  • Dating apps won’t help you assess compatibility or chemistry
  • It can be hard to judge language skills online
  • There’s always a risk of running into scammers and fake profiles

Considering these benefits and drawbacks, looking for Moldovan brides online seems like the most efficient and least time-consuming approach. Besides, you can set up a profile and start chatting with gorgeous Moldova women within minutes.

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#1 SofiaDate
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#3 UkraineBrides4you

Dating Moldovan women in the US 🇺🇸

Unfortunately, dating Moldovan women on American soil will be challenging, as the local Moldovan population is only around 40,000. You will be hard-pressed to find single Moldovan women even in big cities, though you may try to search ethnic neighborhoods, cultural exchange events, festivals, etc.

  • Language barrier shouldn’t be a problem for Moldovan women in the US
  • After living in the US, Moldovan women should be familiar with local dating culture
  • Setting dates and judging your compatibility is easier when you live in the same city
  • The dating pool is pretty shallow, even in big cities
  • Many Moldovan women come to the US with their families
  • You’ll need to compete with other single Americans to get a date

Although you might get lucky and meet local Moldovan girls by the dozen, the chances of that are pretty slim. But you can improve them by seeking out single Moldovan girls on local dating sites and apps.

Traveling to Moldova 🇲🇩

Considering the lack of large Moldovan communities in the US, you may have more luck traveling to Europe to meet Moldovan girls on their home turf. But before you do, consider the following advantages and drawbacks of this approach.

  • Meeting in person can expedite the early stages of a relationship
  • You get to see your Moldova bride with her friends and family
  • The cost of living and dating in Moldova is much lower than in the US
  • Traveling to Moldova can be challenging and uncomfortable
  • There’s only one big city, so the dating pool is pretty limited
  • The language barrier can become overwhelming in an unfamiliar environment

Unfortunately, you cannot build a strong relationship within a week or two of your Moldovan vacation, so you will either need to take a sabbatical or work remotely, while you live in Chișinău and date Moldovan females. Of course, that’s not always realistic unless you employ a reliable Moldova brides agency, and even then, there’s no guarantee their recommendations will be successful.

👉 Considering the ups and downs of all three approaches, we believe online dating sites have the highest likelihood of success. However, you will likely need to travel to Moldova or neighboring EU countries to meet your match sooner or later.

How much does it cost to get a Moldovan mail order bride?

Although there’s no way to know how much dating a Moldova mail order bride will cost you, we can provide a rough estimate across four primary spending categories.

  • Dating sites’ expenses: From $100 to $200 monthly
  • One week travel: Around $1,000 for airfare + about $600 for accommodations
  • Visa and documents: $2,300 for immigration fees
  • Wedding: From $15,000 for a ceremony and reception on US soil or up to $150 for a marriage license
  • Total: From $19,000 or $4,150 without a wedding ceremony

All things considered, dating a Moldovan girl won’t cost much more than dating locally, especially if you make smart choices and budget your spending carefully.

What makes Moldovan girls look for husbands abroad?

Moldova mail order brides have many reasons to seek foreign men, but a few of the most prominent ones are:

  • Missing Moldovan men. On average, Moldovan women outnumber local men by around 10%, and that’s before accounting for work migrants, so foreign husbands are especially enticing for Moldova brides.
  • Education and jobs abroad. Over 12% of university students study abroad, and as many as 46% of the working adult population works abroad, so women of Moldova are no strangers to foreign men.
  • Significant pay gap. Although the average difference in wages is around 14%, it exceeds 40% in some industries, making highly educated Moldovan ladies seek better opportunities abroad.
  • Security and stability. Over 40% of Moldova girls experience physical or sexual domestic violence, which they hope to avoid by seeking out foreign husbands.

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list of reasons, as young girls dream of adventures and romance with handsome Americans and Europeans. You’ll need to learn more about the ladies’ motivations as you get to know them better.

Common myths about Moldovan women

Most Americans wouldn’t be able to find Moldova on a map or name its national language (Romanian). Yet, stereotypes run rampant thanks to media coverage and pop culture. Here are a few myths you might have heard:

  • Moldovan women are gypsies.

Busted: Although Moldova women share dark and mysterious looks with the neighboring Romanians and speak Romanian, they are not gypsies.

  • Moldovans drink a lot.

Partially true: Alcohol consumption in Moldova is one of the highest in the world, and lots of deaths are caused by drinking. However, Moldovan men are more susceptible to drinking than local women.

  • Moldovan girls are illiterate.

Busted: Over 98% of the population is literate, and many Moldovan girls apply to European universities to study abroad.

  • Moldovans have huge families.

Busted: Although historically, Moldovans had large families, the current fertility rate is around 1.5 births per woman, though it can be higher for Moldova brides who marry foreigners and leave the country.

As you see, most stereotypes are completely baseless, while others are the results of generalizations and ignorance. Once you get to know Moldova women better, you’ll easily shed these and other myths.


Although there are significantly fewer single Moldovan ladies than those from Ukraine, Poland, or Romania, they deserve their place in the spotlight. And if our insights got you excited about meeting Moldovan women for marriage, we suggest online dating sites as the most promising starting point.


Are Moldovan mail order brides legal?

Yes, you can legally marry a Moldovan woman in the US or Moldova. Both countries recognize international marriages.

Are Moldovan mail order brides solely motivated by financial reasons?

No. Although financial stability can play a part in Moldovan women’s desire to marry foreigners, their motivations are much more varied and complex. Some look for better husbands, while others seek career opportunities and better pay.

Can mail order bride relationships with Moldovan women be successful?

International marriages can be just as successful as other relationships, considering nearly 20% of American couples are intermarried. As long as you choose the right person and learn to compromise, your relationship with a Moldovan woman can last a lifetime.

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