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Italy is world-known for its rich heritage in culture and fashion, passionate men, and tasty food. But what about Italian women? Are there ladies who want to get foreign husbands, and what about dating culture? These questions we will cover in our guide about Italian mail order brides. Don’t miss it!

3 best dating sites to meet Italian women

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What are Italian women like, or why should you take Italian women for a wife?

Some people consider Italian brides iconic, while others can’t stand them because of their complicated character. If you are on the way to dating a beautiful Italian girl, you should know some essential facts about these ladies before taking one of them for a wife. So, let’s start.

  • Appearance, the way they dress and style. While Monica Bellucci and Ornella Muti are stunning representatives of Italian beauty, not all local girls look like her. But black or brown hair, brown eyes, tanned skin, and a cheerful smile are common to all Italian ladies. Moreover, their outfits always match the event, as well as the lipstick on their lips.
  • Values of marriage. Italian women respect the family as an institution, so they never rush a relationship into marriage until they are sure you are the right person. They also respect their families, so be prepared to establish a connection with their relatives as soon as possible.
  • Food is a passion. Italian cuisine is world-known for its taste, and nothing is surprising that Italian brides enjoy the process of preparing and eating meals. In addition, it is a tradition for some families to get together to make their special tomato sauce.
  • Independence in decision-making. Family is essential for Italian women for marriage, and they respect their partners as much as possible. But they are willing to make their own decisions without asking their husbands, especially in terms of family and career life.

After all, Italian women are friendly and sociable enough to keep in touch with your family and friends, which is what they require from their partners. So, if you are ready to date such amazing ladies, register on one of the following Italian dating sites for mail order brides.

Italian mail order bride catalog

Milan, Italy
Baja Sardinia, Italy
Italy, Rome
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Italy, Pistoia
haircut specialist
Italy, Milan

Where & how to meet an Italian woman for marriage?

The main reason why you should read the next information is that we constructed a step-by-step tutorial on where to find Italian brides.

Online Dating 🫶

Mail order Italian brides are active users of online dating apps and sites. Statistics show that online dating sites are the most popular among single Italian women aged 25-35. Moreover, 50% of Italian girls use online dating to seek relationships, not friends.

Check out the main steps to succeed in online dating Italian girls for marriage:

  1. Find the most reputable dating platform. Check out niche dating sites that cater especially to Italian mail order brides instead of using mainstream platforms.
  2. Pass registration and verification. It’s better to be a verified member to get in touch with more Italian women for marriage.
  3. Use the search tools. Most international dating sites provide free access to these features, so you can easily find Italian ladies who meet your dating preferences.
  4. Initiate contacts. Don’t be shy to like profiles and send winks or introductory messages to all the beautiful Italian women you are interested in.
  5. Communicate actively. Provide conversations regularly and avoid ghosting to set up an appropriate emotional connection with an Italian girlfriend.
  • Access to an extensive list of potential Italian mail order wives
  • More opportunities to specify your search
  • An opportunity to arrange dates in the comfort of your home
  • No physical contact
  • High chance of facing scams

As you might already guess, online dating is a pretty convenient and easy way to meet Italian brides with a little effort. All you need is to choose a reputable dating website with advanced security measures and real single Italian ladies. Fortunately, in the list below, we gathered mail order bride services that exactly meet such demands.

Rank Site Free Trial Link  
#1 SofiaDate
#2 BravoDate
#3 UkraineBrides4you

Dating women in the USA 🇺🇸

Nearly 18 million Americans claim their Italian ancestry, so there is a high chance to date Italian brides in the USA.

Where exactly you can meet Italian women for marriage in your country:

  • Visit Little Italy. The most famous one is in Mulberry district in New York. But there are some in Philadelphia, Chicago, Baltimore, and San Francisco.
  • Espresso bar. It is an essential coffee point for Italian singles, including most Italian women who live in the USA, where they can enjoy delicious coffee and Italian conversation.
  • Italian pizzerias. Another place to spot if you want to meet Italian mail brides is a pizzeria owned by Italians, like “Lombardi’s” in NY.
  • Real-life communication speeds up the dating process
  • It may take you some time to find an Italian girlfriend
  • Beautiful Italian brides are aware of dating culture in America
  • Many Italian women tend to be too busy to get involved with a stranger on the street

If you are ready to spend some time looking for a potential Italian girl in your country, try your luck in the above-mentioned places.

Traveling to Italy 🇮🇹

Traveling to Italy is the most adventurous option, which demands some preparations for booking hotels and flights. But the most critical is to decide on a destination that is suitable for meeting Italian single women. We advise you to choose some of the following Italian cities:

  • Rome & Milan are quite suitable for seeking in an urban and Westernized way at nightclubs, restaurants, and malls.
  • Bologna, Cinque Terre, and Florence are for those who want to truly enjoy dating Italian women in a more relaxed way.
  • You can experience Italian culture and the dating scene firsthand
  • It is a great way to spend vacations
  • You should stay for longer to develop relationships with an Italian lady
  • Local women might be skeptical about the foreign men’s purity of intentions

Generally, traveling to Italy is not a bad option, but still, you should set up a certain time and money to arrange the journey.

👉 In a nutshell, each of the ways to meet Italian women has advantages and disadvantages. But still, online dating websites are the most convenient and fast way to meet beautiful Italian brides. This option demands less preparation, effort, and costs as well as proves its effectiveness. So, register on mail order bride sites and meet your Italian bride online.

How much does it cost to get an Italian mail order bride?

Dating a beautiful Italian woman requires investing not only time and emotions but money as well to develop your relationships. The most significant expenses are the following.

  • Dating sites’ expenses: The average cost of communication on top dating sites is from $50 to $200 per month.
  • One-week travel (tickets + hotel): The average cost of a round-trip to Italy is $355, while a one-week solo trip with hotel, meal, and entertainment starts from $1251.
  • Visa and documents: The cost of a K-1 fiance visa in 2023 is $2025, not including extra expenses for mandatory medical examination, translation, and other services.
  • Wedding: The average Italian girl wishes to have a beautiful wedding ceremony, which costs nearly $30,000 in the USA.
  • Total:  You should pay $33,831 (with a wedding) to get an Italian wife.

Please note that this price is flexible, which means it might be slightly higher or lower depending on your priorities, lifestyle, and needs. For example, if your bride does not mind staying without a wedding, the costs will decrease to $3,900. After all, getting an Italian mail order wife and a happy relationship is not as expensive.

What makes Italian girls look for husbands abroad?

To tell the truth, it’s not as easy to meet Italian girls who wish to marry foreigners because of the significant cultural differences and local patriotism of many Italian women. The number of K-1 fiance visas issued confirms this statement. However, those Italian mail brides registered on mail order bride sites have clear motives for dating foreign men.

  • The number of local women prevails over Italian men, so Italian single ladies have lower chances of meeting Italian guys who are not yet attached or married.
  • Some ladies might be tired of the impact of traditional gender roles on their lives, so they decided to find Western men abroad to get more opportunities for personal growth.
  • Italian girls want to broaden their horizons and discover relationships with men of different cultural backgrounds.
  • 3.9% of Italian women like the process of online dating, so they are interested in long-distance relationships with Western men from the USA and other European countries.

These are the most significant reasons for Italian wives to search for husbands overseas. Based on the aforementioned details, it is possible to meet Italian ladies online on dating websites. Remember that each Italian bride is unique, and her intentions may not coincide with those described above.

Common myths about Italian women

Italian culture is as popular as American, but at the same time, it’s a major source of stereotypes and misconceptions about the Italian love and dating scene. We decided to break down some of them to show you how a real Italian lady acts in a relationship.

  • ❌ Myth: Italian bride often has quarrels in public.

Busted: While Italian mail order brides are passionate enough to express their emotions, they tend to discuss serious issues in a private, face-to-face conversation.

  • ❌ Myth: Each Italian woman cooks well.

Busted: Generally, this stereotype is true when we talk about Italian girls from rural areas; the majority of them know how to cook. But generally, it depends on interests and hobbies nowadays.

  • ❌ Myth: If you date an Italian lady, you date her family as well.

Busted: Although family ties are important to Italian brides, today, they try to separate from their families in their youth and make their own lives without parental influence.

  • Myth: Italian mail order wives are too demanding in relationships.

Busted: For Western men, dating Italian girls means proving the seriousness of their intentions because every Italian woman wants to be sure of a man’s ability to maintain a relationship and family life in the future.

With this information, foreign guys will be able to better understand Italian women and avoid misunderstandings that stereotypes bring to relationships.


There you have it: all the facts about Italian mail order brides! Undoubtedly, it is worth dating hot Italian women, especially now that you know all the specifications about dating culture and characteristics of women in this European country. Remember that you should be sincere in your intentions and show off your personality to catch the attention of any Italian bride, both online and in real life.


How do Italian women perceive relationships and marriage compared to American women?

Italian brides prefer a slow growth of relationships to make sure of compatibility with partners, as family values the most for them. So you can be engaged for years before marriage, as in the USA.

Are Italian mail order brides legal?

Yes, there are no restrictions for communication and dating Italian women, especially if you use legitimate dating websites and relocate your mail order wife strictly within the law.

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