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It’s not a secret that Venezuelan mail order brides are popular among Western men. According to statistics, 357 women from this nation received K-1 bride visas in 2019 and moved to the US. If you are among those men who cannot stand the charm of Venezuelan ladies, we prepared precious information for you! 

This guide contains the best ways to discover a Venezuelan wife online, actual costs, including dating sites’ expenses, and offline meetings. To make your dating journey easy and convenient, our experts did all the necessary calculations for you. To start with, let’s have a look at the following table:

3 best dating sites to meet Venezuelan women

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What are Venezuelan women like or why you should take Venezuelan women for a wife?

There are currently many Venezuelan young ladies to meet that you are wondering: what motivates men to choose Venezuelan women for marriage? We should mention that these girls are rather specific and possess different qualities that can be ideal for one man and frustrating for another. So we suggest the list of main characteristics of a typical Venezuelan woman:

  • They have a spirit of adventure. The adventurous nature of Venezuelan brides is one of their distinguishing characteristics. When making a decision to go traveling, a Venezuelan lady does not require much persuasion. 
  • Charm is their strong side. They know how to attract a man with their fascinating looks. Sexy Venezuelan women aren’t shy at all because they take care of their fit bodies and striking appearances, which only enhance their excellent confidence.
  • Venezuelan wives are passionate. These women are very emotional, and they even talk a lot and gesture a lot. A lady from this country is unlikely to conceal her true feelings. She will clearly demonstrate her interest in you if she has one.
  • They are warm and welcoming. Women in Venezuela are extremely easy-going and friendly. They like to meet new people and participate in their life without limits. Venezuelan beauties are very approachable and easy to talk to because of their social nature.
  • Family is their number one priority. Girls from this country enjoy spending time with their friends and family. They are willing to give up their personal time in order to talk to their loved ones. Almost every Venezuelan girl hopes to find a long-term partner to create a family with.

Minding the abovementioned characteristics, you can evaluate the advantages and drawbacks of marrying a Venezuelan woman. If you feel about dating Venezuelan brides, have a look at the following catalog.

Venezuelan mail order bride catalog

Venezuela, Caracas
Venezuela, Acarigua
Barquisimeto, Venezuela
flight attendant
Venezuela, Caracas
Physical trainer
Caracas, Venezuela
Barquisimeto, Venezuela
Fitness trainer

Where & how to meet a Venezuelan woman for marriage?

Feel confused while looking for your dream Latin woman? In the next passages, we provide you with detailed guidance that can increase your chances of finding a Venezuelan bride.

Online dating 🫶

Using a dating website is the simplest method to find Venezuelan brides. Such a method is quick and the most effective. So it’s possible to discover a date from Venezuela by doing the following:

  • Pick a suitable online dating site. To provide a high-quality dating experience, your website must be well-known, trustworthy, and free of scams.
  • Create a profile page that is very detailed. A potential date can learn more about you if you post more information, so be imaginative, upload a picture, and remember to be unique.
  • Begin your search for appropriate ladies. Read the pages of their profiles, find out about tools that can help you narrow down your search, and add potential dates to your favorites list.
  • Make contact with girls you like. Send a message to Venezuela mail order brides if you find a profile that meets your requirements and preferences.
  • Establish connections with your dates. Develop your communication, find out more about each other, and then build lasting relationships.

While adhering to these guidelines is not required, they can help you get acquainted with a foreign woman much more effectively. What about evaluating the main pros and cons of online dating?

  • Easy and convenient way to meet people without leaving your home
  • Possibility to filter the dating pool and use matchmaking algorithms
  • Control over the dating process, being able to unmatch a person
  • Misunderstandings can happen while communicating online
  • Possibility to encounter fake profiles or scammers
  • Prices can be expensive on some dating services

Now you are able to compare both sides of online dating. In case you find this way of meeting Venezuelan mail order brides suitable, we suggest top platforms for your perfect online dating experience.

Rank Site Free Trial Link  
#1 LaDate
#2 ColombiaLady
#3 Latamdate

Venezuelan women in country

Another way to meet a Venezuelan bride is by visiting popular places in your homeland, where you potentially can find numerous foreign ladies who wouldn’t mind getting acquainted with an American man.

Among such places are: 

  • Cafes, restaurants or night clubs
  • Social events and concerts
  • Sports club, fitness studio or gym
  • Volunteering projects
  • Theatre, museum, or simply park

Of course, this method of searching for a Venezuelan girl has its own benefits and disadvantages, and we’re going to discuss them next.

  • Possibility to observe their body language and personality in action
  • Having no doubts concerning physical attraction and chemistry
  • Asking your friends for an opinion concerning the future bride
  • A limited number of Venezuelan ladies
  • Not appropriate option for introverts who are not socially active
  • More challenging to get over a breakup in real life

So you can evaluate your opportunities for offline dating in your country. And in case you don’t see many chances to meet your perfect Venezuelan bride in the US, we suggest an alternative method—visiting your potential lady’s country.

Traveling to Venezuela 🇻🇪

Al last, independent travel to the woman’s country can be an alternative way to meet Venezuela ladies face to face. However, you should stay for at least a year rather than just a few weeks in a foreign country to enhance your chances to find your perfect Venezuelan bride. 

Naturally, this is only a viable option for those who work remotely and are willing to make such a significant lifestyle shift. Let’s have a look at the most essential advantages and drawbacks of this method.

  • A large number of Venezuelan women to choose from
  • Discovering more about the lady’s culture and traditions
  • Possibility to meet potential bride’s family and friends
  • Language and cultural barriers can be a problem
  • Not a suitable option for people with a limited budget
  • Poor option for career-oriented men that are busy with work

As you can see, offline dating is not as simple as you may think. That’s why, more people refer to online dating nowadays, feeling more convenient and free while looking for a perfect partner. 

👉 We consider online dating the most reasonable option while looking for a Venezuelan bride, as you have more control over the dating process. First off, it is possible to filter your potential dates circle and communicate with several ladies at once. Then, you’ll feel relaxed with the possibility to unmatch people that aren’t right for you. Finally, members of online dating sites appreciate the convenience of interacting with Venezuelan girls without leaving their homes.

How much does it cost to get a Venezuelan mail order bride?

You can meet the Venezuela bride of your dreams without spending a lot of money thanks to Venezuela mail order bride websites, where women are eager to meet men from Western countries. Overall, there are a few variables influencing the expense, both online and offline, so the final price may differ. Here is the list of the main expenses you should expect:

  • Dating sites’ expenses: $1,000-2,000 for 6-12 months
  • One week travel (tickets + hotel): $2,500-$3,500  
  • Visa and documents: $2,025 for K-1 visa
  • Wedding: $30,000+ an average wedding cost in the US
  • Total: $5,500-$7,500 + wedding expenses

In general, getting a Venezuelan woman is not so expensive, as someone may think. Of course, it considerably depends on your possibilities and budget, so don’t forget to evaluate your finances before starting a dating journey for your dream Venezuelan lady.

What makes Venezuelan girls look for husbands abroad?

Why do Venezuelan ladies register on mail order bride dating sites and start looking for Western men abroad? In fact, there are a few reasons for it.

  • Challenges in finding a local man. In Venezuela, men tend to be rather temperamental and even aggressive at times, making it impossible for women to find a partner who is right for them.
  • They want their lives to get better. They want to think about moving abroad for a variety of reasons, including low family income, limited career opportunities, and poor criminal situations. Venezuelan women have a strong desire to marry a man who can assure them of a stable future.
  • They are wishing to create a family. Family is a priority for Venezuelan women because of their inborn values. These gorgeous women value and honor Western men’s confidence, dependability, and family values.
  • Good looks of Western men. Handsome men, particularly those who are well-dressed, take good care of themselves, and have confidence, tend to be very attractive to Venezuelan girls.

In general, if you can demonstrate your respect, serious expectations, and the way that you are a mindful person, you will be able to get any woman from Latin America.

Common myths about Venezuelan women

Do you think about dating hot Venezuelan women? If so, you may already be aware of several Venezuelan girl myths, which we are going to dispel for your benefit.

  1. Local women from Venezuela look indigenous.

Busted: No, Venezuelan females have a wide range of physical characteristics and appearances. Some of them are pale, have adorable narrow eyes, and have straight hair. Others are tanned and have wavy brown hair, and still, others are dark and have sexy curls.

  1. They stick to the Catholic religion.

Busted: Once more, no, not all Venezuelan ladies are Catholic. Others are agnostic or atheist, while some are Protestant. Ask your girl about her religious beliefs before making any decisions.

  1. While marrying a Venezuela girl, you marry all her family.

Busted: This is to some extent valid — most Venezuelan women are the people who love and regard their families the most. If you marry a Venezuelan mail order wife, you must be prepared to spend some weekends with her family, enjoying her mother’s cooking and talking politics and football with her father. 

  1. All mail order Venezuelan brides dance salsa.

Busted: Yes, these gorgeous women know how to shake it and would never decline to dance at a beach party. In any case, don’t expect all Latin women are basically as experienced as the world’s top salsa masters. 

We must say that believing in widespread myths doesn’t have sense, because these myths are outdated and, in most cases, don’t match reality.


A Venezuelan mail order bride is the only woman you need to think about if you want your future partner to be attractive, passionate, adventurous, and devoted to the family at the same time. A Venezuelan wife may be someone who will completely and positively change your life. So if you like these women’s qualities and are ready for serious relationships, mail order bride services will help you to find your soulmate.

Perhaps the Venezuelan lady you meet on one of the aforementioned dating services will turn out to be the woman of your dreams and the one you marry!


Are Venezuelan mail order brides legal?

Yes, it is absolutely legal to use mail order bride services in Venezuela. Western men are allowed to date, marry, and bring Venezuelan women to the United States. Nonetheless, there is one requirement—your future wife should visit the US Embassy office to plan a K-1 visa arrangement.

Is it possible to find real Venezuelan wives online?

Those who want to meet Venezuelan women online will benefit from mail order bride services that were created to assist Americans in finding, meeting, and marrying brides from other nations. Numerous success stories prove that online platforms are the best possible way to get Venezuela brides.

Are Venezuelan mail order brides solely motivated by financial reasons?

No, there are numerous reasons why Venezuelan women looking for foreign men. Most importantly, family is a priority for them because of their inborn values. These gorgeous ladies value confidence, dependability, and family values. That is why Venezuelan mail order wives dream of Western men because they are regarded as trustworthy, ambitious, and family-oriented.

How do language barriers impact mail order bride relationship with Venezuelan women?

The first challenge that you might confront while meeting a Venezuelan lady is the language barrier. Although some women may be proficient in English, you should find a compromise with others and start learning some Spanish to assist with making correspondence simpler. In fact, learning each other’s native languages can be a great way to start a conversation and get to know one another.

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