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The Asian region is a favorite romance destination for Western men who know about the real beauty and unique oriental charm of Asian brides. If you are also a fan of traditional Eastern beauty and want to find a specifically Asian bride, we have an ultimate guide for you with top recommendations of Asian dating sites that work for foreigners. Enjoy!

3 best dating sites to meet Asian women

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What are Asian women like?

Asian mail order brides have many unique characteristics and traits that make them perfect wives for some men, while others will just not get why so many men are going crazy about Asian mail order brides. And that’s okay: everyone has their own type.

If you are planning to meet Asian women, here are a few things worth knowing about them:

  • Asian brides are elegant and stylish. The unique beauty of porcelain-like skin, petite figures, and feminine style is what makes Asian women so desirable. But Asian beauty comes in different forms, as there are many fashion trends like Harajuku, Gyaru, Lolita, and Kawaii.
  • Your Asian bride has all the chances to grow old with you as they lead really active lifestyle. Many Asian girls keep fit and eat a lot of seafood (and we mean a LOT, up to 78.5 kg per year in South Korea); no wonder why, for example, in Japan, female life expectancy is one of the highest in the world.
  • They know how to strike the perfect work-life balance. An average Asian wife manages to have a successful career, have hobbies, and meet friends, but at the same time, run a perfect household and take good care of children. Women from Asia tend to be more traditional about gender role division, and they are doing their part for A+.
  • Asian ladies do not always communicate their emotions freely. We don’t mean that Asian brides don’t express their emotions, but it is common in Asian countries to suppress negative emotions and avoid confrontations. It may lead to hardship in sharing true feelings about something.
  • An Asian mail order wife is far from being conservative. Many Western women and men expect beautiful Asian women to be quiet and submissive. But though it can be a reality for some people, many hot Asian women are very passionate about expressing their feelings and know how to spice up relationships.

As you can see, Asian girls for marriage are a full package, but at the same time, keeping their distance when communicating their feelings might not be a thing for everyone. So, keep those facts in mind when you search for your Asian girl.

If you want to see how Asian girls for marriage look in real life, check out the Asian mail order bride catalog down below!

Asian mail order bride catalog

China, Dazhou
Sales Specialist
Yuting Li
Huoshan, China
Guilin, China
China, Taiyuan
Yoga shopkeeper
China, Kaiyuan
Medical Specialist
China, Chengdu

Where & how to meet an Asian woman for marriage?

Thanks to modern technologies and the ease of traveling, meeting a gorgeous Asian wife is easier than you think. If you are curious about the best way to find an Asian wife, let’s explore all the options you have.

Online Dating 🫶

Online dating sites are the fastest and most convenient way to find Asian brides, as they are specifically designed to connect people who are interested in committed relationships. If you want to get an Asian wife, you can either join one of the international dating sites, like TheLuckyDate, where they have women from all over the world, or you can explore Asian dating sites with only Asian ladies.

Here is how to use niche or international dating websites to find an Asian girl for marriage:

  • Step 1. Pick a legit Asian dating site based on reviews.
  • Step 2. Create an eye-catching dating profile with at least 3 good photos.
  • Step 3. Communicate your dating goals and deal-breakers for the ideal Asian wife.
  • Step 4. Make the most of the search and other features of the dating site to meet more potential Asian mail order wives.
  • Step 5. Chat with 3-4 girls and slowly eliminate and add new ones, or just narrow your option to “the one.”

If you want to explore this option of searching for stunning Asian wives, here are some pros and cons that are worth knowing.

  • Effective
  • Saves time
  • Provides thousands of Asian beauties
  • Cheaper than traveling
  • You can choose to initially learn a lot from a profile
  • Doing long-distance is not for everyone
  • Romance scams happen
  • The effectiveness of online dating sites depends a lot on the platform you use

Searching for a potential Asian bride on the best Asian dating sites is a smart move that can save you a lot of time and resources. But you need to be cautious when choosing a site to use and keep your eyes peeled for romance scam red flags.

Rank Site Free Trial Link  
#1 Eastern Honeys
#2 SakuraDate
#3 TheLuckyDate Asia

Dating women in your country

Sometimes your happiness can wait for you right under your nose. India and China, Asian countries, are in the top 3 countries with the largest diasporas around the world, so it’s safe to say that you can also try to look for Asian singles nearby. Here are some of the best locations to check out:

  • Asian groups on Facebook
  • Cultural events like festivals or celebrations
  • Cafes and restaurants with Asian cuisines
  • Various Asian cultural places
  • Language exchange classes and groups

If you plan to explore this option by searching for oriental brides, consider these pros and cons.

  • Your future wife may live in your city or state, so there are no immigration troubles
  • Asian women living in Western countries are more likely to be fluent in English
  • If your beautiful Asian wife is a 2nd or 3rd generation immigrant, you’ll have a lot more things to bond about
  • Your options are limited
  • It takes a lot of time
  • No guarantee that you will find an Asian girlfriend who is ready for marriage

Searching for hot Asian ladies nearby is an option that is worth giving a try, but you need to be ready to put in effort as it’s harder than using a specialized dating platform.

Traveling to Asia 🌏

The last but not least option you have is to hop on a plane and travel to one of the Asian countries. It can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience and a great romantic adventure. But though Asia is a region worth traveling to, searching for your perfect Asian woman is not as easy as you might think.

Here are some pros and cons to explore before traveling to most Asian countries.

  • You can see your potential Asian bride IRL and go on dates
  • No worries that your Asian lady is a scammer
  • You can experience culture while getting to know each other
  • It takes time as you need at least 2 weeks off work
  • Be ready to spend from $3,000+ on your trip
  • You have no guarantees that you’ll find an Asian girl with mutual desires

Traveling to Asia can be a great adventure that will help you date Asian girls in real life and enjoy all the beauties of physical contact. But to go for this option, you need to be ready to invest your time and money.

👉 All the options that we’ve talked about can help you meet many potential Asian brides. But dating Asian women online is currently the best way to meet single Asian women for marriage, as you save a lot of time and money by connecting to Asian ladies who are just on the same page with you and also search for a husband abroad.

How much does it cost to get an Asian mail order bride?

The price for mail order Asian brides depends a lot on a particular case, as there are a lot of factors to consider. But here is an estimate of the expenses you can expect for a wife from an Asian country.

  • Dating sites’ expenses: Around $50 per week
  • One week travel (tickets + hotel): Around $1,100 + from $420
  • Visa and documents: Around $2,025
  • Wedding: Around $29,000 for US wedding
  • Total:  $32,945

Note: A big part of the sum is the cost of the wedding, which you know is very variable. That’s why your sum may change depending on your personal preference and budget, starting from $3,945.

What makes Asian girls look for husbands abroad?

When you join Asian or international dating websites, you immediately see so many beautiful Asian women, which naturally makes you think, “What the hell did they forget over there?” And the answer is—foreign men. Here are some of the reasons Asian brides look for husbands among Western men:

  • Asian women find Western men better husbands. Many Asian girls believe that foreign men are more family-oriented and can provide for their families better.
  • Hot appearance. Some of the ladies are just physically more attracted to Western men.
  • Stable future. Most Asian brides find European and American men more established, and they are also drawn to opportunities of Western lifestyle.

These are only some reasons that make an average Asian wife open to international relationships.

Common myths about Asian women

Myths and stereotypes are not things that should shape your picture of Asian girls and your relationships with them. That’s why we want to bust some of the most common myths about Asian mail order brides.

  • ❌ Myth: Asian girls are gold-diggers.

Busted: Though the financial aspect is an important part of the relationship, it is not a factor that most Asian wives put first in the relationship. Many Asian countries, like Japan or Singapore, are doing very well financially, and women want love, not money.

  • ❌ Myth: Asian brides are submissive.

Busted: All Asian mail order women are different, but in most cases, they are not submissive. They are ambitious, fun, and always have something to say.

  • ❌ Myth: Asian females look like characters in Anime.

Busted: Really? Anime is just a beautiful fantasy that has nothing to do with how real Asian girls look.

Throw away old stereotypes and treat your Asian girl like a person first, without fixation on her nationality.


Asian women for marriage make a really good match for Western men, which is why there are so many cross-cultural marriages. But Asian wives are not for everyone, and there are many other foreign countries to explore. But if you feel like Asian mail order wives are for you, search for Asian women online, and you’ll be amazed by the number of hot Asian girls to choose from!


Are Asian mail order brides legal?

Yes. International relationships with people of legal age, as are cross-cultural marriages, are completely legal.

Is it possible to find real Asian wives online?

Yes. It’s possible to find real Asian wives online, but the key is to use a legit Asian mail order bride site. You can just use our list.

Are Asian mail order brides solely motivated by financial reasons?

No. Though seeking a better financial future might be a motivation for some oriental women searching for a foreign partner, in 99% of cases, women search for loving and supportive relationships.

How do language barriers impact mail order bride relationships with Asian women?

Everything depends on how severe the language barrier is. If you choose Singapore or the Philippines, you’ll be like a fish in water, but if you choose Thailand or Cambodia, you’ll need to learn to be tolerant and work out miscommunications.

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