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Filipino girls are world-known brides and wives, and almost every single man in the USA what to get married to these ladies. Statistics claim that 13.7 million local women are single, so this fact encourages foreign men to seek Filipino girls online and offline. This article will cover many details about Philippines brides, tips on where to meet them, and how to approach them successfully.

3 Best dating sites to meet Filipino women

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What do Philippine women like, or why should you take Filipino women for a wife?

In 2019, the Philippines became the number one country in getting K-1 visas for marriage. Beautiful Filipino girls come to the United States, live happily, and build strong families with Western men. But the question arises, why? We’ll describe why Filipino mail order brides are so popular among foreign men by covering the most significant reasons.

  1. The natural exotic beauty. Filipino girls are beautiful, with tanned skin, black hair, and eyes. Their appearance is not typically Asian, which makes them even more hot and desirable.
  2. Friendly and kind to everyone. Filipino mail order wives have no restrictions in communication with people and any age gap when it comes to true love. Also, Filipina women are easygoing and fun during conversations.
  3. Family-oriented ladies. In the Philippines, family is the most essential value, and all family members treat each other with respect and support and even live together. 
  4. They treat their husbands as kings. When Filipino wives get married, they do everything to keep their families, especially their husbands, happy.
  5. Traditional look on household duties. It’s not a problem for a Philippines wife to cook meals or clean the house, as these things are not considered obligations but the way to keep your home in comfort.

Summarizing, we can say that these traits and peace of mind make Filipino brides wonderful companions and partners for life. Some might say that such traits were formed under the influence of machismo, and to some extent, this may be true. But overall, Filipina mail order brides are clever enough to have clear expectations regarding their future.

So if you are ready to let such a woman into your life, check out the list of beautiful mail order Filipino brides below.

Filipino mail order bride catalog

Kaysha Marie
Philippines, Angono
Administrative Officer
Centre, Philippines
Philippines, Bacolod City
Sales Person
Joy Teodosio
Acacia, Philippines
Philippines, Marikina City
Business owner
Mikaela Rae Dychangco
Philippines, Mandaluyong City

Where & how to meet a Filipino woman for marriage?

Online Dating 🫶

Online dating is effective, fast, and the easiest way to meet Filipino male order brides. Besides, it is a popular way to meet and date in the Philippines, as statistics show 40% of the population uses online dating services.

So check out a short instruction on how to find young Filipino brides on dating websites.

  • Choose appropriate online dating sites. Pick an international dating site or an Asian dating site because of the larger dating pool of single Filipino women for marriage.
  • Register on dating sites. Follow all the instructions and pass the verification for a better rating on online dating platforms.
  • Make an outstanding profile. Add high-quality photos, and fill in actual information about your relationship status, intentions, and dating preferences.
  • Browse dating sites’ search results. It is essential to figure out if there are Philippines brides that meet all your requirements.
  • Purchase premium subscription or credits. Use all the diversity of features and enjoy communication with Filipino brides via messages or video chat.
  • Be active on international dating sites. Use initiative tools, write messages first, like users, and this way, you’ll increase your chances of success.
  • All Filipino brides on dating sites ready for long-distance relationships
  • It is a fast way to find Asian women open to communication with foreign men
  • You don’t need to travel and even go out from home for the date
  • It is easier to start the conversation on online dating services than in real life
  • There is a chance to face a scam or fake profile
  • The cost of communication may be pricey, especially on a regular basic
  • You can’t trust the information in profiles one hundred percent

Despite the existence of downsides, online dating is still the number one option for searching Philippines mail order brides because of its affordability and the choice of dating websites. Give it a try with the list of the best Filipino dating sites, and choose an online dating service that will work best for you.

Rank Site Free Trial Link  
#1 Eastern Honeys
#2 SakuraDate
#3 TheLuckyDate Asia

Filipino women in the US 🇺🇸

Searching for Filipino brides in the US is also possible, as there are more than 4,000,000 Filipinos living in Los Angeles, San Diego, and New York areas.

Check out our top 4 places for searching for Philippine brides:

  1. Attend church. As the average Filipino bride is religious, it is possible to meet her on Sunday Mess. Also, you may volunteer at a church and get in touch with some Philippines girls there.
  2. Get to the hospital. Many Filipino females work there as nurses or doctors. Besides, you’ll have no problems initiating the contact; just say: “Could you please call a nurse as I’m not feeling well.”
  3. Hang out near Filipino restaurants and food courts. These are the best spots where Filipino brides may gather to taste national food and talk with other Asian women.
  4. Take a trip to Honolulu. Hawaii is one of the HUBs of Filipino beauties, as more than 211,000 Filipino people live there.
  • A Philippines girl accepts courtship if she likes you
  • Single Filipino girls may agree to go on a date with you after several talks
  • Philippines ladies will be friendly but restrained in expressing feelings
  • Searching for local girls from the Philippines may be time-consuming
  • Most Filipino brides don’t start a conversation first

Most Filipino ladies in the USA are open to conversation, but they never do it first. So if you like one, be confident enough to smile and start the talk, and then the Filipina woman will open up if she is interested in you. 

Traveling to the Philippines 🇵🇭

Traveling to the Philippines may be the most exciting experience and a good way to change. Potential Filipino wives are used to communicating with foreign men, as the Philippines is one of the Asian countries with high tourist traffic.


  • If you are traveling to the Philippines to find a local woman, consider a longer trip, at least a month, to get to know the Filipino culture and atmosphere. 
  • If you’ve already met a Filipino bride online and are coming here to learn more about her lifestyle and meet her family, a 1-2 week trip will be enough.

However, now we are talking about the first option when you go to the Philippines to find a bride. Below, you can learn the significant benefits and downsides of this way of dating Filipino girls.

  • It is an excellent opportunity to expand your horizons and learn something new
  • Filipina’s girls are more confident in a habitual atmosphere
  • The Philippines is a beautiful country, so you’ll gain a positive experience
  • It may be costly to stay longer than one week on the islands
  • There is no guarantee to meet Filipina brides for such a short period, that is why we wrote that it is worth planning a trip for at least a month

Traveling is a great choice if you are ready to spend some time overseas and have a free working schedule or the opportunity to take long vacations. Otherwise, there are better alternatives for meeting Philippines mail order brides.

👉 When considering various options and strategies for finding Filipino mail order brides, the most favorable choice today is to utilize online dating services. The costs, speed, and effectiveness of these dating platforms are reasonable when compared to other alternatives.

How much does it cost to get a Filipino mail order bride?

Finding and dating Filipino mail order wives demand some expenses. We count the average outlay of the entire process, from searching the Filipina bride to the wedding ceremony. So the Filipino bride cost includes:

  • Dating sites’ expenses: You should spend from $25 to $289 per month for communication, not to mention virtual or real gifts.
  • One-week travel (tickets + hotel): The average cost of a couple trip to the Philippines varies from $2,360 to $5,200 depending on your activity and airlines.
  • Visa and documents: $1,500, including a lawyer, translation, and medical examination.
  • Wedding: wedding ceremony in the USA costs $30,000, while in the Philippines, the price starts from ₱10,000, which is equal to $179.
  • Total: $34,149

Please note that the Filipino bride price is average, and you can control your expenses anyway. All in all, it’s not as big of an expense as it sounds, and it’s worth it if you find that special Filipina bride.

What makes Philippine girls look for husbands abroad?

A Filipino mail order bride doesn’t miss the opportunity to get a foreign husband if some Western man is interested in her. This situation is possible for several significant reasons:

  1. The appearance of Western men. Filipino mail order brides consider foreign men handsome because they are usually fit, well-dressed, and well-mannered.
  2. Better standards of living. Financial independence, more job opportunities, and social security encourage Filipino girls to seek foreign husbands.
  3. Gender inequality. Social pressure against Filipino women for marriage drives them to search for an equal and respectful relationship, and Filipino brides see marrying a foreign man as a way to achieve that.
  4. Love and Companionship. A foreign husband can be a Filipina girl’s dream, as there is no family judgment against marrying foreigners or even older men.

It’s essential to note that these reasons can vary from person to person, and not all Filipina mail order brides have the same motivations for seeking husbands abroad. Each individual’s circumstances and desires are unique.

Common myths about Philippine women

There are some common myths and stereotypes associated with Filipino ladies. Here are a few of these myths:

  • All Philippines girls work as nurses or domestic helpers

Busted: While it’s true that many Filipino women work in hospitals and service industries, they can work in many other fields, such as IT or engineering, and fill male roles in the workplace.

  • Philippine women are submissive

Busted: While respect for elders and a strong emphasis on family are cultural values in the Philippines, Filipino women have their personalities, strengths, and aspirations.

  • Philippine mail order brides are only interested in money

Busted: Filipino ladies value love, respect, and compatibility in their relationships. While economic factors may play a role for some individuals, it is unfair to generalize this to the entire population.

  • All Filipino women are mail order brides

While there are cases where Filipina brides choose to marry foreigners, it is incorrect to assume that this is the case for all or even a majority of them. Many Filipino women have successful careers, pursue higher education, and enter into relationships based on love and compatibility.

It’s critical to dispel these misconceptions and understand that they do not represent the diverse experiences and characteristics of all Filipino brides.


Marrying Filipino women may be an excellent idea if they are your type and you always dream about exotic Asian beauties. With an easy-going character, joyful nature, and an excellent sense of humor, you will get a supportive partner that will treat you with love and respect. Overall, visit several dating platforms as it is the easiest way to meet Filipino girls in the USA.


Are Filipino mail order brides legal?

Dating Filipino brides online or offline is legal, and marrying a Filipina wife is also possible if you are familiar with the Philippines’ Anti Mail Order law and immigration requirements for the United States.

Are Filipino mail order brides solely motivated by financial reasons?

This myth implies that Filipino women are primarily motivated by financial gain and are willing to enter relationships or marriages solely for financial security. But many Filipino brides work legally and are breadwinners in equal positions with their foreign husbands.

Is it possible to find real Filipino wives online?

It is possible to meet a Filipino wife online, especially if you use niche mail order bride platforms with an extensive user base of Asian girls.

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