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Asian women are the most popular among American men, as one in three intermarried couples in the US includes a person of Asian descent. So if you’re enamored with Asian beauty, exotic cuisine, and unique traditions, let us help you pick the best Asian country to find a wife.

1. Japan 🇯🇵


Although only 235 Japanese girls came to the US to marry Americans in 2022, Japan holds the top spot on our list of prime dating destinations. Home of the oldest company in the world (Kongo Gumi), the biggest global zipper production, and the 11th largest population in the world, Japan amazes with its unique culture and traditions you wouldn’t find anywhere else:

  • Saving face (menboku) is critical for the Japanese. A solid personal reputation is paramount for a successful relationship and career, so Japanese women and men are extremely patient and restrained to avoid reputational risks.
  • Focused on education and career, young people resort to unique dating practices. They can go on group blind dates (gokon) or employ the services of matchmakers (nakodo) to find suitable partners.
  • Japanese culture is artistic and literary. All forms of traditional and modern art are preserved and celebrated across the country, and reading remains the most popular form of entertainment, as newspapers and graphic novels (manga) are equally sought after.
  • Sole custody is customary after the divorce. Considering mothers usually get custody after the divorce, Japan has the highest percentage of single working mothers in the world (85%).

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2. South Korea 🇰🇷

South Korea.

Only 130 South Korean women entered the US in 2022 on K-1 fiance visas, but that’s still worlds ahead of zero North Korean brides in the same year. Aside from the impressive 4-kilometer demilitarized zone separating the country from its aggressive northern neighbor, South Korea is also famous for its high concentration of robots, the extreme popularity of makeup and plastic surgery, as well as the origin of K-Pop and Taekwondo. 

Here are a few more things you’ve probably never heard about South Korea and its people:

  • Hahn is the source of nationalism and unity. It’s the sense of frustration caused by adversity, which simultaneously drives education and work ethic, and helps Koreans unite against the common foe, though it also makes the nation more rigid and resistant to compromise.
  • Crime reenactment is common in South Korea. People accused of serious crimes can be forced to recreate their illegal activities in front of spectators and media, ruining their reputation, which is just as important in Korea as it is in Japan.
  • Koreans celebrate their relationships frequently. Alongside Valentine’s Day, there are many similar holidays, like Rose Day and Kiss Day. And couples often celebrate their 100th, 200th, and 1,000th day together instead of annual celebrations.
  • Love motels are a huge industry. Although adultery is legal in South Korea, most customers of love motels are young people who are still staying with their parents and want some alone time with their partners.

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3. Thailand 🇹🇭


Formerly known as Siam, Thailand is not just a prime vacation spot; it’s also the birthplace of Muay Thai, Siamese cats, and Siamese twins. It’s the only Asian country that avoided colonization and remains a constitutional monarchy. So if you’re excited about finding an Asian wife and want to learn more about Thai women, here are a few curious facts about the country:

  • Thai people are happy with what they have. This philosophy (Sanuk) is coupled with a strong work ethic and Buddhist beliefs and makes Thai people extremely happy and friendly, capable of enjoying every moment of their lives.
  • Personal status is important in Thai society. Although young Thai women and men are less formal, the traditional greeting bow (the wai) is still customary, and you can tell the person’s status by the depth of the bow and the placement of the hands.
  • The older generation is universally respected. Older people are awarded respect from everyone, and children are expected to take care of their aging parents. The task usually falls to the youngest child in the family.
  • Thai parents are pretty involved in their children’s love lives. In some communities, men are expected to gain the family’s approval before dating and marriage. In others, newlyweds who cannot afford to establish an independent household continue to live with their parents.

If you want to add some romance to your upcoming Thailand vacation or merely wish to get to know Thai women better, international dating sites are your best bet. Eastern Honeys is a good place to start.

4. The Philippines 🇵🇭

The Philippines.

The Philippines consist of 7,000+ islands, and locals speak over 170 languages. The island country is also home to the largest shopping malls in the world and an impressive number of volcanoes. Besides, it’s the most popular destination for meeting hot Asian girls, as over 6,000 Filipino women came to the US using fiance visas in 2022 alone. To decide if Filipino women are right for you, it pays to learn a bit more about the country and its culture. For instance:

  • Social hierarchy rules personal interactions. Older people of higher social standing are the most respected, and everyone is supposed to use specific forms of address, gestures, and communication styles to accommodate this status.
  • Philippinos are motivated by shame and embarrassment. Local culture is collective rather than individual, so many people will do anything to avoid public shame (hiya). They can even compliment others instead of criticizing them to avoid conflict.
  • Dating and marriage are heavily influenced by Catholicism. The Philippines have the third largest Catholic population in the world, so courtships are pretty conservative. Having children out of wedlock is frowned upon, and so are divorces.
  • Filipinos employ unique gestures. Walking arm in arm is common for relatives and same-gender friends. And instead of pointing with a finger (which can be a sign of anger), they use puckered lips to point toward the item of interest.

Whether you’re planning a trip to the Philippines or merely wish to learn more about local women, dating sites like SakuraDate provide plenty of opportunities for exciting acquaintances.

5. China 🇨🇳


China may have the biggest population, but only 387 Chinese women came to the US in 2022 on fiance visas. To make these mysterious ladies more approachable, we’ve collected a few less-known facts about China and its people:

  • The Chinese are pretty superstitious. Considering many words sound similar in Chinese, some innocuous phrases are associated with bad luck. For example, while six and eight are lucky numbers, four isn’t. And 514 sounds like “I want to die,” so it’s not the best combination for a phone number.
  • Chinese women can be very loud. Although foreigners often interpret that as a sign of rudeness, most Chinese people tend to be loud in public places because they are overcrowded, and raising their voices is the only way to be heard.
  • Networking is critical for dealings in China. Personal connections (guanxi) are used in business and personal settings. The biggest advantage of guanxi is the access to benefits and opportunities that are otherwise unavailable to outsiders (it could be considered nepotism in the West).
  • Virginity at marriage is considered a benefit. Although this norm is falling out of use, conservative families may require proof of virginity from the bride. At the same time, the minimum age for marriage is set at 20 and 22 for Chinese women and men, respectively, in an attempt to reduce the population.

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You may be surprised this list is relatively short and doesn’t include Vietnamese women or Indian women, who are equally popular among Western men. We chose these five over other Asian countries because they are the most likely to produce love matches based on existing success stories, national character traits, and unique quirks that can make or break a relationship. Still, only you can decide which exotic Asian destination to choose for finding a wife.

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