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Best Indian Mail Order Brides And Women To Date Online

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India is gorgeous, mysterious, and fascinating. Life in India, however, is not that fantastic, especially for women.

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What makes Indian brides look for foreign love on dating sites and mail order bride platforms? How can a single guy find one of them? That’s what we’re going to discuss today.

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How do Indian wives live? Why they don’t mind marrying a foreigner

Family is sacred to Indians. However, unfortunately, it doesn’t mean that Indian mail order brides, mothers and wives are sacred, too. Let’s take a look at a few pretty illustrative facts.

  • After a woman gets married, they start to live in big families with a strict hierarchy. And an Indian bride is never at the top of it.
  • It’s super hard to find a new husband for a divorced woman. If she is a widow, it’s even more complicated. In this case, a woman is not even allowed to have long hair and wear jewelry.
  • People in India don’t respect single women. They are considered “useless” and “helpless”.
  • Though Indian women are definitely not equal to men, they should meet tons of strict criteria from good education to looks and talents.
  • A perfect Indian wife thinks and cares only about household chores and children.
  • A lot of marriages in India are still arranged marriages. People in cities marry for love more often, though.
  • Domestic abuse or cruelty by husbands and even other family members was the highest reported crime against women across India in 2018.

Some may say that these facts don’t show the whole situation as it is. Yes, life in big cities is different from life in rural areas. Still, the lives of women across the country are more or less influenced by these traditions and values. Some of them fight for their rights, some accept their “fate”, and some believe that they can change their lives by finding love abroad.

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How to find and date Indian brides?

So, can you meet a Indian mail order wife online? Yes, it is possible. Of course, you will hardly find a girl from the most remote and the poorest corners of the country, but it is pretty easy to meet single Indian women who live in bigger towns and cities (some of them moved there from rural areas.)

In general, there are two categories of platforms where you can find Indian mail order wives. You can meet them on niche sites designed for brides (women, who are 100% that they want to marry a foreign guy in the near future) only or on a global dating platform where you can meet curious girls, girls looking for a foreign boyfriend, friend, etc.

Note that though India is a poor country, relationships with Indian women for marriage are not about money. Yes, you meet them on the sites, but they will date or date and then marry you only if they truly like you. So choose a trusted website, meet ladies, choose the one you like, demonstrate interest, be romantic, attentive, and maybe one day she’ll say yes.