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An Indian mail order bride always intrigues men due to her unique appearance and style. If you want to learn how to find and marry such a mesmerizing girl online, you’ll surely need to read this article. It has valuable tips about Indian women, marriages, and recommendations concerning online fraudsters.

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How to get an Indian wife online? 

When men see a variety of Indian mail order brides, they want to get acquainted with one of them on the spot. Some of them don’t know how to do that right. Many websites offer instant messaging, online talks, video conversations, and gift exchanges. How do dating websites work? As a rule, people follow a standard 8-step scheme to find a single beauty from India.

  1. Step 1. Find a reputable website with real profiles and positive feedback from clients.
  2. Step 2. Pay attention to the available number of women and prices to make sure that you have a good choice and can afford online dating.
  3. Step 3. Register for free and be sincere when filling in the registration form. Later, the system will scan your answers and connect you with ladies who can meet your expectations and requirements.
  4. Step 4. Choose the convenient payment system to buy credits that will let you select the desired services. You don’t need to pay if a woman calls or texts you first. That’s why it’s necessary to create a good profile to attract Indian brides
  5. Step 5. Select the most convenient method for online communication. It’s necessary to consider the price for each communication tool and personal comfort. If you don’t like to wait long for replies, you should choose calls.
  6. Step 6. Don’t start chatting with all girls at once. It’s not cheap and effective. You’d better read her profile to decide whether she’s good for you or not.
  7. Step 7. Be yourself. Lies never lead to strong relations, just like on offline dates.
  8. Step 8. Ask for a real date after you learn everything you want about a girl. If you’re both satisfied, you can go on dating offline to build healthy relations and get married. 

How much does an Indian mail order bride cost?

Websites that offer someone to buy a wife sound silly. We don’t live in Ancient Rome, when one could buy a slave and manipulate a person. We live in the XXI century, when everybody is free to choose a partner and rule their destiny. Money lets people find each other on a website and become close. You should be ready to cover Indian mail order brides cost to enjoy the benefits of online dating. So, how much does it cost to become a happy person with an Indian lady?

Below, you can see price lists of the top three dating websites. They’re good because they have profiles only of real girls, not fraudsters. Other reputable websites function the same way. So, you can learn the approximate price of happiness.

  • Colombia Lady

The minimum price for being with beauty is $3.99 for new clients. This welcome offer lets men get two credits and buy:

  • two minutes of a voice call,
  • twenty minutes of a live chat or
  • two emails.

Regular clients can buy one of the three credit packs to take delight in minutes and hours of talks, messaging, and good company. 

  1. One gives $16 for 2 credits
  2. One pays $96 for 16 credits 
  3. One gives $399 for 100 credits.  
  • The Lucky Date

This website offers only one pack of 2000 credits for $2.99. It allows couples to chat for 10 minutes. Many clients say that it’s easier to buy credits for such a low price and don’t bother themselves with choices.

  • La-Date

This site has an attractive 70% discount for the smallest credit pack for everyone who visits the site for the first time. Five available packs of credits help to save. The more credits a regular client buys, the cheaper the purchase will be. One pays:

  • $9.99 for 20 credits;
  • $19.99 for 50 credits;
  • $44.99 for 125 credits;
  • $69.99 for 250 credits;
  • $149.99 for 750 credits.

Services differ in prices. For example, a man pays 2 credits for one minute of a call, 30 credits for an email, and 100 credits for sending a present.

The average price for online dating

It’s hard to tell the approximate price for getting a bride online. Everything depends on the price list of the chosen dating website and its services. Some men manage to find a wife in the first person he decides to call. Some men require more time and many chats to find the one they’d like to marry. As a rule, one spends from $1000 to $6000 per year.

The approximate price for offline dating

After you select a nice Indian girl, you’ll surely want to meet her offline. How much does it cost?

  • Presents ($100-$1000+)
  • Travel expenses ($700-$2000+)
  • Visa ($80+)
  • Room renting ($400-$800+) 
  • Meals ($130-$260)
  • Entertainment ($260+)

So, the final cost is about $4500. In case of force majeure circumstances or more presents, the price will be higher. So, the final cost will be $5000-$6000 or less depending on a person’s preferences.Note! The price list was made for an average two-week trip.

Why take an Indian woman for a wife?

India may not be the hottest travel destination for Western men yet, but it has every chance to become one. These are a few reasons why you can find happiness with an Indian wife.

  • Indian women for marriage know the secret to eternal beauty. Women from India attract men with their olive skin tone, expressive dark eyes, and feminine figures. What’s even more important is that Indian females always look younger than they really are even though they don’t use any invasive beauty procedures, exhausting diets, or layers upon layers of makeup to achieve that.
  • Indian brides are highly intelligent. The parents of Indian girls understand the importance of good education in the modern world, which is why many young Indian ladies are as well-educated and well-rounded as the women in the West. You can talk to an Indian girl about anything in the world and expect deep, intelligent replies.
  • Indian mail order brides have the right priorities. According to the latest statistics, only 21% of women in India participate in the workforce. Of course, this is the result of the country’s many policies and imperfections, including a lack of equality for women in the workplace. However, it’s also safe to say that Indian girls for marriage simply don’t consider themselves to be career women. Like a typical Venezuela wife, they don’t mind working and having an income when their job doesn’t interfere with their family duties, but they don’t hesitate to make the correct choice when needed.
  • An Indian mail order wife is also a perfect mother. An Indian bride can happily spend a few years enjoying the romance between the two of you, but there will come a time when she’ll want to finally start the family. And when you see how naturally caring, fair, and selfless she is with your children, you will once again realize that you’ve made the right choice of a wife.
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Facts about marriages with Indian mail order brides

It’s a bad idea to get married to a girl, being not aware of her customs, traditions, and beliefs. India is a country with rich wedding traditions that don’t have analogs in other countries. What should a man know about the attitude of Indians to families and the reasons for weddings?  

  • According to BBC research in 2018, 93% of Indian marriages were planned by parents when a bride and a groom were children. Only 3% of married people could boast of relations that were based on love. 2% of couples had arranged marriages, followed by their agreement. That is why Indian brides dream about meeting true love online.
  • Indian girls from poor and many-children families are ready to get married early because parents usually want to save and invest cash only into their son’s education.
  • The divorce rate in India is just 1.1%.
  • An Indian bride usually likes to spend a lot on her wedding dress and jewelry items. The British Business Insider states that they can spend over £38,000 on these things!
  • Indian women are smart, caring, passionate, beautiful, and prefer unusual make-up and colorful dressing that makes them unique. These features make them one of the most desired brides on dating websites.

Are Indian mail order brides legit?

Yes! Stunning Indian mail order brides on trustworthy dating sites are legit. They are regular women looking for a partner abroad. You can legally date and marry women from India, as international relationships and marriage are recognized by Western countries. According to The Hague Marriage Convention, a valid marriage that was created lawfully in one country subsequently becomes valid in other countries.

But to make your relationship with an Indian mail order bride official you’ll need to get a visa. To get married in the US your Indian bride needs to obtain a K-1 visa. With it, you have to tie the knot in 90 days. Also, you have the option to get married in India and later apply for a K-3 visa and marriage Green Card. But keep in mind that to sponsor a spouse visa you need to be a citizen and meet income requirements.

How do Indian wives live? Why they don’t mind marrying a foreigner

Family is sacred to Indians. However, unfortunately, it doesn’t mean that Indian brides, mothers and wives are sacred, too. Let’s take a look at a few pretty illustrative facts.

  • After a woman gets married, they start to live in big families with a strict hierarchy. And an Indian mail order wife is never at the top of it.
  • It’s super hard to find a new husband for a divorced woman. If she is a widow, it’s even more complicated. In this case, a woman is not even allowed to have long hair and wear jewelry.
  • People in India don’t respect single women. They are considered “useless” and “helpless”.
  • Though Indian women are definitely not equal to men, they should meet tons of strict criteria from good education to looks and talents.
  • A perfect Indian wife thinks and cares only about household chores and children.
  • A lot of marriages in India are still arranged marriages. People in cities marry for love more often, though.
  • Domestic abuse or cruelty by husbands and even other family members was the highest reported crime against women across India in 2018.

Some may say that these facts don’t show the whole situation as it is. Yes, life in big cities is different from life in rural areas. Still, the lives of women across the country are more or less influenced by these traditions and values. Some of them fight for their rights, some accept their “fate”, and some believe that they can change their lives by finding love abroad.

beautiful indian woman on beach

How to find and date Indian brides?

So, can you meet an Indian bride online? Yes, it is possible. Of course, you will hardly find a girl from the most remote and the poorest corners of the country, but it is pretty easy to meet single Indian women who live in bigger towns and cities (some of them moved there from rural areas.)

In general, there are two categories of platforms where you can find Indian mail order brides. You can meet them on niche sites designed for brides (women, who are 100% that they want to marry a foreign guy in the near future) only or on a global dating platform where you can meet curious girls, girls looking for a foreign boyfriend, friend, etc.

Note that though India is a poor country, relationships with brides from India are not about money. Yes, you meet them on the sites, but they will date or date and then marry you only if they truly like you. So choose a trusted website, meet ladies, choose the one you like, demonstrate interest, be romantic, attentive, and maybe one day she’ll say yes.

How expensive is it to find an Indian girl for marriage?

One of the benefits of looking for an Indian wife online is that you get to save money compared to a lengthy trip to India and dating women there. A membership on a dating service, additional communication features, and then the first real-life date will cost you somewhere between $3,000 and $15,000, which is not that much considering you get a loyal and kind wife in return.

How to successfully date an Indian mail order bride?

Dating an Indian beauty can be tricky, but with these tips, you can easily succeed in it:

  1. Demonstrate your serious intentions. As most Korean mail order wives, Indian ladies have rather old-fashioned ideas about dating, and they never start dating someone when it’s just a casual relationship. Your romance needs to be serious from the start.
  2. Show a genuine interest. When dating your Indian girlfriend, you need to show her in every way possible that you’re the only woman you care about and that you are not looking for another potential partner or love interest.
  3. Give her personal space. One of the key rules of dating modern Indian girls is that you should always expect them to reply to your texts right away, be always available for a date, or want to spend all of their time with you.
  4. Discuss the future you’ll have together. These discussions will help you attain two important goals. First, you will once again prove that you’re serious about dating her. Second, you will see how well your views of the future match each other.
  5. Try your best to charm her parents. Many older Indian people are not the biggest fans of their daughters dating and marrying foreigners, so you will need to try extra hard to convince them that you’re a good partner for their daughter.

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How to avoid the Indian mail order bride scam?

One can see that an Indian mail order bride cost is not low. That’s why one must be careful so as not to become a victim of a scam website. 34% of Indians don’t use dating sites because of possible cyberattacks and fraudsters. The Federal Trade Commission records $500,000 losses yearly and gives a list of advice that helps to date safely.

  • Don’t send, post, or tell confidential information to Indian ladies.
  • Don’t donate because such websites have nothing to do with charity and urgent help.
  • Real ladies post more than one photo. Moreover, they must be of good quality.
  • Use Google image search to find a woman’s photo on the Internet to make sure that it isn’t stolen.
  • Dating sites DO NOT SELL WIVES.
  • Don’t click suspicious links.
  • Don’t hurry to marry a girl in 48 hours. She can be a cheater who will charm you and take your money.

According to ZeeNews, 36% of Indians managed to escape from scammers thanks to the above-introduced recommendations. If one is careful, online dating will result in a wedding with a gorgeous Indian bride who will outshine everyone and love you with all her heart.


The fascination of Western men with Indian wives is completely understandable: these women are the epitome of beauty, grace, charm, and family values. And now that you don’t even need to go to India to meet your ideal life partner, your dream of marrying an Indian girl can turn into reality very soon!

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