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There are over 4 million people of Indian descent in the US, and 438 Indian women came to the US on K-1 fiance visas in 2022 alone. So, if you’ve always been fascinated by Indian cuisine, music, films, and culture, finding an Indian bride can be the best way to bring in a bit of that exotic spirit into your daily life. And today, we cover everything you need to know to find your perfect Indian wife.

3 best dating sites to meet Indian women

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What are Indian women like?

It’s impossible to describe over half a billion Indian women in a few words, but we can try to emphasize a few commonplace national traits you’re likely to encounter in your search for an Indian bride. She will likely be:

  1. Exotically beautiful. Although Indian brides from the Northern and Southern parts of India don’t look alike, they usually share dark hair and eyes, with skin tones ranging from milky to dark caramel.
  2. Loyal and dutiful. Indian society relies heavily on social bonds and relationships, and Indian women transfer these values into their family lives.
  3. Conflict-averse. Considering Indians’ love of harmony, it’s no wonder the philosophy of nonviolent resistance was born in India. So, Indian wives are less likely to provoke arguments and are more likely to use hints and indirect approaches to resolve any issues.
  4. Conservative and modest. These traits shine through Indian women’s choice of non-revealing clothes, their dislike of PDAs, loud voices, and rude behavior.
  5. Adaptable and easy-going. Instead of complaining about difficulties, Indian girls look for solutions, and they do it with a smile, seeking help and offering it in kind.

Indian mail order brides may seem too understated and passive for some, but an Indian wife is a perfect choice if you want a calm, traditional, and dependable partner who will stand by your side through thick and thin. You can get to know Indian brides first-hand if you check out the catalog below.

Indian mail order bride catalog

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Where & how to meet an Indian woman for marriage?

Online Dating 🫶

Although only around 2% of the Indian population uses dating apps, that’s still nearly 30 million singles seeking romance. And while there’s no way to tell how many of them rely on mail order bride sites, you should have no trouble finding beautiful Indian girls interested in meeting you.

It takes a few simple steps:

  • Step 1. Research, test, and choose a dating site that suits your needs and budget.
  • Step 2. Make your dating profile noticeable with an appealing photo and intriguing bio.
  • Step 3. Think of an ideal Indian bride and use search filters to look for her.
  • Step 4. Use live chat, video calls, and other communication tools to get to know each other.
  • Step 5. Build a stable foundation for your relationship before meeting in real life.
  • International online dating services are the most affordable of all dating options
  • You can support multiple online relationships even with a busy schedule
  • Detailed dating profiles specify lifestyle choices and relationship preferences to make first contact easier
  • Time difference between 10 and 12 hours can make real-time communication challenging
  • Building a relationship online tends to take longer than developing a connection IRL
  • No online dating site is completely free from catfishing and scammers despite user verification efforts

In the end, the real benefits of online dating services outweigh the few potential drawbacks. And if you decide to give them a try, we’ve hand-picked a couple of reputable platforms for you to test.

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#1 Eastern Honeys
#2 SakuraDate
#3 TheLuckyDate Asia

Dating Indian women in the US 🇺🇸

Indians are the second largest Asian American group in the US, with over 3.2 million Americans of Indian descent and over 1.3 million non-US-born Indians. So, you should have no trouble finding Indian brides in California, New York, New Jersey, Texas, Illinois, and other states. 

There are plenty of Indian restaurants, shops, festivals, and cultural events suitable for meeting Indian women, even if there are downsides along with the benefits.

  • Most American cities have a pretty impressive Indian dating pool
  • Indians are among the top earners in the US compared to people from other Asian countries
  • Dating locally doesn’t require significant upfront spending, unlike international travel
  • Some Indian communities in the US may be isolationist and unwelcoming of your advances
  • It can be challenging to fit dates with hard-working Indian women into your schedule
  • You’ll have to compete with other American guys and Indian men for ladies’ attention

Considering the significant boost in online dating popularity in recent years, we suggest finding suitable Indian ladies within driving distance online before meeting in person and building relationships. Otherwise, breaking into an Indian community can be quite challenging.

Traveling to India 🇮🇳

India is a wonderful vacation destination with its gorgeous beaches, exotic cuisine, and welcoming people. Adding a romantic dimension to your trip can make it all the better, though you’ll need to account for the pros and cons of this approach for the best results.

  • Despite the high cost of an international flight, staying in India is relatively cheap
  • There are thousands of beautiful Indian women for marriage everywhere
  • Assessing chemistry, compatibility, and language barrier is easier in person
  • Poor Indian towns and neighborhoods can be overwhelming for Americans
  • Traveling to India is costly during the high season and dangerous during the monsoon season
  • Traditional Indian courtship takes months, which is unsustainable unless you can work remotely

👉 Traveling to India is definitely worth your while, but it may not be the most sustainable way of finding dates, as courtship can take months instead of weeks. So unless you can afford a sabbatical or relocation, you’d have better luck starting your search online and traveling to meet your Indian bride as one of the final relationship stages before the wedding.

How much does it cost to get an Indian mail order bride?

It’s impossible to predict your overall expenses for finding and marrying an Indian bride, but we can provide a rough estimate based on our research of the biggest spending categories:

  • Dating sites’ expenses: $100+ per month
  • One-week travel: Around $1,200 for roundtrip airfare and about $300 for a hotel stay
  • Visa and documents: At least $2,300 in fees and charges
  • Wedding: From $150 for a marriage license to $45,000 for a reception and ceremony
  • Total: From $4,000

As you can see, the wedding ceremony and reception account for a huge chunk of the cost of Indian brides, but you’d have to spend as much money marrying an American girl. So, the cost of dating an Indian girl isn’t as high as you’d expect.

What makes Indian girls look for husbands abroad?

Unfortunately, Indian ladies don’t have an easy time in their homeland, so many turn to international dating sites and apps in hopes of finding:

  • Freedom to choose a partner. Arranged marriages are still common in India, and the caste determines the pool of potential partners. So, for Indian brides, dating foreigners is often a chance to get a love match regardless of their social standing.
  • Equal rights and opportunities. In many parts of India, women lead a secluded life (purdah) and can only leave the house with a veil, and that’s not what many young Indian women want for themselves.
  • Safe domestic environment. One in three Indian women reports domestic violence, and the real numbers are even higher, which makes dating Americans a safe harbor for many local girls.
  • Better career prospects. Eager to bridge the pay gap of over 30%, Indian women hope to discover better career opportunities, which an international marriage can provide for them.

Of course, many Indian girls may merely be interested in international dating to satisfy their adventurous nature, so be sure to learn more about their motivations as you get to know each other better.

Common myths about Indian women

From The Simpsons to Slumdog Millionaire and countless other media products, Indians are presented as thickly accented, funny people with “weird” beliefs—though some depictions are more flattering than others. To avoid falling into the trap of stereotyping the most populous nation in the world, let’s debunk a couple of typical myths:

  • All Indian women have dark skin.

Busted: India is extremely diverse, and many Indians living in the Northern part of the country have light skin without any European blood in their family trees.

  • All Indian women come from slums and want to be saved by rich Americans.

Busted: Despite the stereotypes propagated by movies like Slumdog Millionaire, most Indians belong to the middle class, so even if poverty remains a problem, it doesn’t affect 100% of the population.

  • Indian women are all vegetarians.

Busted: While Indians may revere cows and other animals, they do enjoy some meat dishes, including the famous chicken tikka masala, which is among the most popular Indian takeout dishes in the US.

  • Indian brides can’t speak English.

Busted: India has the second largest English-speaking population in the world, so the language barrier shouldn’t be a problem when meeting Indian women online.

As you chat and get to know Indian brides, we’re sure you’ll bust even more myths. So keep an open mind and be patient learning about the Indian culture to have better luck winning over Indian girls.


Indian brides are nothing like what you expect based on faulty pop culture representation, yet they make loyal and dependable lifelong partners. And thanks to online dating apps, you don’t have to hunt for eligible ladies in the neighborhood or on your Indian vacation. 

Instead, you can specify your preferences and find perfect matches before IRL dates. It removes guesswork and awkwardness and makes the early stages of a relationship much smoother.


Are Indian mail order brides legal?

Yes, you can legally marry your Indian mail order bride in the US as long as you file all the necessary paperwork and go through official channels. You can also hold a wedding ceremony in India, though you’ll need to file additional papers to get it recognized in the US.

Is it possible to find real Indian wives online?

Yes, it’s possible to find an Indian wife online and have a happily married life with her. The number of Indian mail order brides coming to the US every year should be evidence enough of the success of international online dating.

Are Indian mail order brides solely motivated by financial reasons?

No, many women seek foreign husbands to break the mold and find better employment and growth opportunities. However, some mail order Indian brides are of lower socioeconomic standing, so financial security can be a major motivator for them.

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