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Have you ever considered Sweden as the country where your future wife is from? Let us introduce you to the wonderful Swedish girls for marriage! In 2020, Sweden was recognized as the best country for women in the entire world. So, happy wife, happy life? Why not come to Sweden or use a dating site to meet one of the stunning Swedish brides? Generally speaking, this is a great idea, but before you do it, read this article first.

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Oleksandra, 29
29 y.o.
Location Sweden, Uppsala
Occupation baker and rancher
Kids No
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Valeriia, 41
41 y.o.
Location Sweden, Stockholm
Occupation architect
Kids 2
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Maryna, 36
36 y.o.
Location Sweden, Stockholm
Occupation Photographer
Kids 1
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Yevheniia, 31
31 y.o.
Location Sweden, Stockholm
Occupation Prison officer
Kids 1
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Olga, 34
34 y.o.
Location Sweden, Stockholm
Occupation Cosmetologist
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No, we’re not going to discourage you from finding a Swedish wife, not at all. We just believe that the more you know about women in a particular country, the better chance of finding the right girl, winning her heart, and avoiding any disappointments.

pretty sweden girl on beach

Some facts about Swedish females

How to find out if Swedish mail order brides are a good match for you? Here are some facts to help you understand what you can expect from these stunning ladies.

  • Swedish girls care about their looks. They are not among women who don’t wear makeup, have bad hair, wear old jeans and oversize shirts. In fact, ladies in Sweden love to look hot, not for guys, but for themselves as the majority of Italian brides.
  • A lot of Swedish wives are blondes but that doesn’t mean you are likely to meet more blonde women in Sweden. There are plenty of brunettes. So, contrary to popular belief, the chances of meeting a blonde girl there is 50/50.
  • Many Swedish mail order wives like local men. However, these girls are pretty open-minded, and some of them do like “exotic” guys from other countries, so if you are a foreigner you have a pretty good chance of starting a relationship with a Swedish mail order bride.
  • They are not cold and emotionless. Brides from Sweden are different, and a lot depends on the impression you make on them, actually.

So, these girls are fantastic. But how can a foreigner meet them? Let’s see.

Sweden mail order brides — do they even exist?

Finding a Swedish bride is a winning ticket for a foreign guy. These girls are westernized, they are independent, smart, beautiful, and a lot of them do want to start a family. However, not all guys, however, can move to Sweden to start dating local girls. So what about Swedish mail order brides? Do they exist?

First, let’s consider statistics. Dating industry revenue is already pretty big, and it’s expected to grow by more than 3% by 2024. User penetration is also expected to hit 10%. Simply put, online dating is becoming more and more popular everywhere, and Sweden is not an exception.

So, yes, roughly speaking, you can meet a Sweden mail order wife online. But let’s clarify what exactly a bride in this context means. Sweden is one of the richest countries, and girls just don’t have to marry a random guy to migrate or anything like that. So it’s not about money. In this case, the very term “Swedish mail order wife” is used to name girls who don’t mind finding someone online, dating a foreigner, and maybe, marrying him.

cute sweden woman sunbathing

How to date Swedish brides

Finding a Sweden wife online is only half the battle. A girl from this country won’t date you just because you are rich. She will date you only if she likes you. We have some recommendations for those who want to win a Swedish woman’s heart.

  • Look nice and groomed. You don’t have to wear a suit, but you should look good to attract a girl in Sweden.
  • Asking her to a bar, club or party is completely normal.
  • Don’t think she’s easy. Yes, Swedish girls choose partners themselves, and they can kiss you first just because they want it. However, this is about confidence, and nothing but confidence. Like most French mail order brides, these girls are more emancipated, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be a gentleman.
  • Be confident but not rude. Make the first move, but don’t put too much pressure on her.
  • Respect her preferences and her independence — otherwise, it won’t work.

So, can you get Sweden brides? Yes, if this is what you want and if you are ready to follow the rules of the game. You don’t even have to move to Sweden — just choose a quality dating site or a mail order bride site that has members from this country, and go ahead!

5 qualities of Swedish ladies that make them attractive

Men choose Swedish girls for marriage thanks to these five qualities.

Swedish mail order brides embody Nordic beauty

The light skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes of Swedish women are as well-known around the world as their tall and lean figures and their athletic features. Swedish ladies are all-natural and proud of it!

Swedish women for marriage are highly intelligent

When you talk to a Swedish lady for the first time, you will hardly be able to believe how much she knows about the world. Education in Sweden is highly valued and widely accessible, which helps Sweden brides stay among the smartest women on Earth.

swedish mail order bride walking

Swedish wives treat their partners with respect

A woman from Sweden imagines an ideal relationship as a union of two partners who value each other, cherish each other, and take care of each other. They don’t lie, cheat, or disappoint their partners in any other way.

Swedish girls are strong and ambitious

Over 80% of women in Sweden work and have their own income. As some Venezuelan women for marriage, they don’t want to rely on men for financial support and instead want to form equal partnerships where both parties contribute to the household budget.

Swedish brides take marriage seriously

You may have heard that Sweden mail order brides prefer to get married later in life, but that’s only because they take marriage seriously and want to make the right choice of a partner. This is why, when a Swedish bride enters a long-term relationship with you, it means she already has plans involving you.

Why do Swedish mail order wives want to marry foreign guys?

If you’re wondering why women want to leave Sweden, one of the world’s most economically stable and equal countries on the planet, your concerns are completely justified. However, unlike most foreign mail order brides, Swedish girls for marriage are not trying to escape the poor conditions of their home country. What they want to do is find a partner who fully matches their idea of a perfect husband, and if he happens to be a foreigner, it’s even better.

How much will you spend on finding a Swedish wife?

The journey to meet a Swedish mail order wife is not something you need to save up for, but it also doesn’t come for free. On average, Western men spend between $4,000 and $15,000 on the whole thing. This includes everything from a premium membership on a dating site to trip expenses when you finally travel to Sweden to meet the bride in person.

swedish lady for marriage at home

Are Swedish mail order brides legit?

International marriage with a Swedish mail order bride is completely legal and recognized in all western countries. If you fulfill all legal requirements for marriage in Sweden or the USA or other western countries. However, tying the knot with Swedish mail order brides can be illegal if:

  1. Any of you are not of legal age yet
  2. You or your Swedish bride is currently married
  3. There is no mutual consent
  4. Your foreign woman wants to become your Swedish wife with the purpose of getting a Green Card and not marrying you.

To legally get a Swedish mail order wife and later apply for citizenship you need to be able to prove that your relationship is real. That is a requirement for both getting a K-1 ‘fiance’ visa and applying for a Marriage Green Card.

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Dating a Swedish mail order bride: 5 mistakes to avoid

There are some mistakes to avoid when dating Swedish beauties. Here are the main ones:

  1. Being alarmed when her friends join you. It’s surprisingly common for Swedish singles to bring their friends on the first few dates, so just go along with it.
  2. Insisting on always paying. Sweden is one of the countries where women contribute financially to dates as much as men, so you can take turns covering the bill for dinner or coffee.
  3. Expecting her to be too emotional. Unlike Portuguese brides, Swedish ladies like to keep their emotions to themselves, especially at the beginning of the relationship.
  4. Skipping a discussion about the future of your relationship. You will probably want to savor every moment of your romance with a Swedish lady, but you also shouldn’t forget what it’s all for.
  5. Putting any pressure on her. Swedish brides enjoy it when men allow them to direct the relationship on their own terms. This includes respecting her decisions and accepting all of her ideas, even the ones you don’t agree with.

Final thoughts

An idea to marry a bride from Sweden may be something you only got a week or month ago, but it’s still something that is worth all the effort. Your journey to marriage to a Swedish woman can start today with a registration on a popular dating site.

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