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Best Korean Brides To Mail Order And Women To Date Online

In this article, we’re going to talk about the Korean mail order brides, the reasons why they choose another path and join international dating sites and mail order bride sites, and also will provide some tips on dating a prospective Korean girl for marriage and several top dating sites to meet your one and only Korean beauty.

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According to Statista, in 2019, the number of births in South Korea stood at around 303.000, recording the lowest figure during the last 20 years. Moreover, it was less than half of the birth number in 2000. It’s a very illustrative fact — a lot of Korean brides think that career and marriage are interchangeable things. Some of them choose a career, some choose a family, and some choose the third option — they marry foreign guys and migrate.

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Facts about Korean mail order brides

Here are some important things you should know about Korean women and Korean society:

  • There are laws on ensuring equal rights and opportunities for women, but most employees don’t follow them.
  • Family and career are considered interchangeable things, and most ladies just can have both.
  • Women have always been responsible for all household chores and they had jobs, too. Of course, they were paid less than women.
  • The cost of flats and houses in South Korea grows every year, so a lot of Koreans stay with their parents for a really long time.
  • People in South Korea, especially women, feel tons of pressure at work and at home.

Generally speaking, these were the answers to the question “Why would someone leave such a developed country?” Life there is not that easy. Yes, this is a beautiful country. Yes, a lot of people are happy there. But South Korea’s suicide rate is still the 4th highest in the world.

The truth is a lot of girls in this country decide to be child-free not because they initially wanted this but because they realized this is the only way to actually have a career. However, there are also women who are sometimes called Korean mail order brides who look for a foreign husband online.

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How to date Korean women for marriage?

Korean culture is still pretty homogeneous. Despite all its achievements in economic and social development, South Korea still continues most of its traditions. You should learn more about them to date a girl from such a conservative country. Below, we describe the most important dating traditions — just use this information to win a Korean wife’s heart.

  • Local women expect you to pay the bill, at least if it’s one of your very first dates. After you get a bit closer, she may offer you to split bills in the future or pay for both of you from time to time, but at the beginning of a relationship, a man pays.
  • A Korean girl will hardly agree to live with you before you get married. Civil partnership is uncommon in this country.
  • Don’t discuss sex. Most Koreans, especially women, feel embarrassed when talking about it.
  • Public displays of affection are still discouraged, especially if a couple is in a public place with elder people.
  • If a Korean mail order bride says you should meet her parents, she already wants to marry you.
  • Though public displays of affection are uncommon and even discouraged, Koreans love to express their feelings in a pretty special way. They wear couples shirts, post tons of photos on social media, give each other symbols of their love like couple key chains, etc.
  • 100 days and 1000 days of being together — remember these dates and never forget them. Be super romantic on these days and give her a nice gift — that’s what Koreans do when they celebrate such occasions.
  • Valentine’s day is actually your day. On 14th February, women give cute gifts to men, so just enjoy! In a month, in May, it will be your turn!

Here are the most important Korean dating traditions. As you can see, they are different from the western ones, but it’s not that hard to follow these rules offline and online. After all, Korean brides are worth it.

Final thoughts

Korean mail order wives are real. However, they are not exactly who people think mail order brides are. A mail order bride from Korea is a modern woman who wants to find a foreign husband and joins a dating site or a niche MOB site. She doesn’t get paid, and men don’t pay for anything except for the dating services. This distinguishes a modern bride from a bride of the past. Do you think a Korean mail order wife can make you happy? Then choose a dating site and meet her online! Just make your choice carefully.