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K-Pop and Korean TV shows created the “Netflix effect,” drawing Western women to Korean men only to leave most of them disappointed. Korean girls, on the other hand, remain ever-popular among Americans and Europeans thanks to their unsurpassed combination of exotic looks, wit, and caring nature. So if you want to become one of the lucky few to get a Korean wife, you’ll learn everything you need to know from this post.

3 Best dating sites to meet Korean women

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What are Korean women like?

Korean women for marriage are best for some men, while others believe they are infantile or clingy. You can decide for yourself based on the common traits shared by Korean ladies, who are usually:

  • Conservative. Raised with traditional gender roles in mind, a typical Korean woman expects a man to cover her half of the bill and walk her all the way home after a date.
  • Attractive. K-beauty is a multi-billion dollar industry, and Korean girls enjoy its benefits to make themselves look even more beautiful.
  • Cutesy. They can seem almost childlike in their desire to hold hands, wear matching outfits, or share pecks on the cheek, and that makes them even more charming and exotic for Americans.
  • Well-educated. Most Korean brides have tertiary degrees, so you will never be short on conversation topics.
  • Hard-working. Despite the significant wage gap, Korean women work just as hard as local men while also taking care of household chores and other responsibilities.

So while Korean wives may not be the best choice for men looking for dominating partners, men who want loving and caring spouses usually love Korean brides. If you’re willing to give Korean dating a chance, we have a few options for you to pursue.

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Where & how to meet a Korean woman for marriage?

Interested in Korean ladies but don’t know where to find them? Below, we will discuss the ways to meet Korean singles. 

Online dating 🫶

Around 10.7% of single Koreans rely on online dating sites and apps to find partners. And the popularity of online romance will keep rising, and so will your chances of finding a Korean bride if you join the dating pool now. It only takes a few steps:

  • Step 1. Choose one of the international dating sites specializing in Korean mail order wives.
  • Step 2. Create an attractive dating profile using quality photos and an engaging bio.
  • Step 3. Search for potential matches using filters or matching features.
  • Step 4. Chat with mail order Korean brides to find a few you like best.
  • Step 5. Develop a stable long-distance relationship through video and audio calls or chat.
  • Step 6. Arrange a meeting when you’re ready to take your relationship to the next level.
  • Online dating sites have thousands of single Korean women looking for marriage
  • Dating costs and time expenditure are minimal
  • Most Korean women like getting to know potential partners before meeting in person
  • Online communication limits chemistry and affectionate gestures
  • The time difference can stand in the way of real-time communication
  • Google Translate makes it difficult to gauge the language barrier

If the benefits of online dating outweigh the downsides for you, try one of these platforms to seek potential future Korean wives.

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#1 LaDate
#2 ColombiaLady
#3 Latamdate

Dating women in the US 🇺🇸

The US has a solid Korean population, so you can meet single Asian women and even North Korean brides on their home turf. Los Angeles, New York, and Washington are leaders in the Korean population, but Seattle, Chicago, and San Francisco aren’t far behind.

You should have no trouble finding a Korean neighborhood in your city and visiting local cafes, restaurants, festivals, etc., where you could meet Korean women.

  • Meeting local Korean women is cheaper than international travel
  • Korean-American ladies are familiar with American dating and know English well
  • Korean neighborhoods let you meet dozens of single Koreans fast
  • Identifying single Korean women in person can be tricky
  • Parental meddling in relationships is common in Korean families
  • Immediate immersion into Korean culture can be overwhelming

Finding beautiful Korean women locally may seem like a dream come true, but this approach is pretty time-consuming and requires plenty of patience and flexibility.

Traveling to Korea 🇰🇷

Visiting Korea can be a great way to combine your passion for travel with a chance to meet the Korean woman of your dreams. Before you book your tickets and accommodation, do some research into the common haunts of local singles to maximize your time in Korea.

For example, bars and clubs can lead to a one-night stand, but English-speaking clubs are more likely to connect you with Korean ladies interested in international dating.

  • Travel facilitates in-person meetings with many Korean women
  • Face-to-face interaction helps gauge compatibility and the language barrier
  • Airfare is quite expensive, especially during the high season
  • Some Korean girls may treat you as a short-time fling only

If you are already planning to visit South Korea, meeting local singles can be a nice addition to your itinerary. Otherwise, we suggest beginning your Korean dating journey through other means.

👉 The three approaches above are best used in combination. For example, you can use a dating app to find local Korean singles or seek out Korean girls on your travels. And even after you meet, staying in touch through live chat and video calls can help keep your relationship going.

How much does it cost to get a Korean mail order bride?

Estimating the cost of dating Korean women is tricky, as you must account for many variables. So to give you a rough estimate, we simplified our calculation to four major spending categories:

  • Dating sites’ expenses: $100 to $200 per month
  • One week travel (tickets + hotel): $800 for accommodation + $2,000 for airfare
  • Visa and documents: Around $2,300
  • Wedding: $15,500 to $45,500
  • Total: $20,700

As you can see, the wedding ceremony and reception are the biggest expenses, which you can reduce by opting for a city hall marriage. And plane tickets can be much cheaper if you avoid the high season. On the other hand, your expenses may rise if you hire an immigration attorney to take care of visa paperwork.

What makes Korean girls look for husbands abroad?

Based on our research and interviews with Korean mail order brides, they share four common reasons for seeking husbands abroad:

  • Equal opportunities. Korean women suffer from a pay gap of over 30%, and traditional gender roles would have Korean women be stay-at-home moms. Those who strive for career success consider international marriage a chance to break free from the mold.
  • Exciting adventure. Just as Korean brides are considered exotic and desirable for Americans, Korean women consider Western men impressive and exciting.
  • Appreciation and validation. More Korean men are seeking Philippine brides, as they are less demanding than local girls, and so Korean girls consider Western men superior to local guys.
  • Financial stability. Korean brides of low socioeconomic standing are less desirable for local men and are more likely to seek marriage opportunities with foreigners, though they are more than willing to add to the household income.

This is not an exhaustive list of reasons why women in South Korea like marrying foreigners, and you’ll learn more about their motivation as you start chatting with them online.

Common myths about Korean women

Pop culture has affected the ways Americans perceive South Korean brides, so let’s go over a few common misconceptions that can hinder your relationship:

  1. Korean girls are shy and childlike. 

Busted: That’s what Korean soap operas want you to believe, but they aren’t representative of real life. So while many Koreans are uncomfortable with PDAs, they appreciate signs of affection, like couples’ outfits, etc.

  1. ❌ South Korean women are easy.

Busted: Considering most Korean women live with their parents until marriage, they are usually pretty inexperienced. At the same time, there are certain low-SES groups that engage in casual sex and one-night stands.

  1. Koreans are racist.

Busted: Although older generations in South Korea often believe Koreans belong with Koreans, young women don’t have negative preconceptions about foreign guys. Moreover, they often seek out foreigners to practice their English, make friends, or find partners.

  1. South Korean girls are only in it for the money.

Busted: A Korean woman is more likely to seek international marriage to get better pay and not depend entirely on her foreign husband’s generosity.

You shouldn’t believe everything you read or watch about Korean ladies online, as most stereotypes are extremely outdated or blatantly untrue.


Korean brides make perfect wives and mothers, bringing their exotic beauty, culture, and cuisine into American households. Hopefully, our research helps you discover efficient ways of dating Korean girls and making strong connections without falling for stereotyping traps.


Are Korean mail order brides legal?

Yes, dating and getting married to Korean mail order brides is perfectly legal. Moreover, you can marry on US soil or go for a destination wedding in South Korea. Both options are legal, though you’ll need to deal with some paperwork in either case.

Can mail order bride relationships with Korean women be successful?

Considering 100+ Korean brides enter the US on fiance visas every year, we can infer some relationships are successful enough to warrant proposals and marriage.

How do language barriers impact mail order bride relationships with Korean women?

Most South Korean women have moderate English proficiency, which is enough for chatting and flirting online. So you may encounter some miscommunication, especially when it comes to puns and pop culture references. But as your relationship with a Korean girl develops, her understanding should improve.

How do Korean women perceive relationships and marriage compared to American women?

Many Korean girls consider marriage as a way to gain independence from their parents, yet they are willing to let their parents affect romantic relationships, as most families have strong ties. At the same time, more Korean ladies believe marriage isn’t a must.

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