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Although there are over 5 million people of Chinese descent in America, hundreds of Chinese mail order brides enter the country each year, eager to start international families with local men. So if you’ve always been fascinated with the mysterious, gorgeous Chinese ladies, you now have many dating options, and we’re happy to walk you through them.

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What are Chinese women like?

If you only have a rough idea of what Chinese brides are like beyond stereotypes and idealized pop culture representation, you may be interested to learn more about the real women behind the idea before you decide if a Chinese girl can make you happy. This is how Chinese ladies describe themselves these days:

  • Increasingly independent. Despite the long-standing patriarchal tradition, modern Chinese women prefer to stand on their own and have financial freedom.
  • Hardworking. To that end, Chinese ladies are ready to work hard, though they also know how to work smart, especially as they value quality education and experience.
  • Practical and somewhat materialistic. Although they aren’t opposed to splurging, Chinese girls are also smart about their spending and greatly enjoy gifts and tokens of affection.
  • Reserved and understated. Despite their typical depictions in the media, Chinese women are much less flamboyant than you’d expect, though they sure know how to highlight their beauty.
  • With close family ties. Some say you’re dating the whole family when you have a Chinese girlfriend, though that may be less true for online dating.

Chinese wives are perfect for men who value practicality and subtleness over emotionality or grand gestures. And strong family values will be handy, too, when dealing with the extended family of a Chinese wife. If that sounds like your dream life, our catalog of Chinese mail order wives should get you started on your exotic dating journey.

Chinese mail order bride catalog

China, Kaiyuan
Medical Specialist
Yuting Li
Huoshan, China
China, Chengdu
China, Dazhou
Sales Specialist
China, Taiyuan
Yoga shopkeeper
Guilin, China

Where & how to meet a Chinese woman for marriage?

Online Dating 🫶

Over 100 million Chinese singles use online dating sites and apps, and most of them are interested in serious relationships. So searching for Chinese brides online increases your chances of finding a suitable match.

All you need to do is to follow a simple step-by-step algorithm:

  • Step 1. Research and test international dating sites until you find the best one for you.
  • Step 2. Sign up and develop an attractive profile with a focus on photos and bio.
  • Step 3. Use matching features or search filters to meet potential Chinese brides.
  • Step 4. Chat and build a rapport with several Chinese girls to start building a relationship.
  • Step 5. Choose the most compatible Chinese girl and arrange a meeting in person.
  • Online dating services are much cheaper than other dating options
  • You get access to thousands of Chinese mail order brides simultaneously
  • Online dating works even for the busiest men and schedules
  • The language barrier and time difference can affect your chances of finding Asian brides
  • There’s always a risk of running across fake Chinese brides’ profiles and scammers
  • Even video calls cannot replace the personal connection you get face-to-face

Sooner or later, most Chinese girls will want to meet in person, so you can enjoy the benefits of online dating services while this stage of your relationship lasts and organize a trip when you’re both ready. And while you’re still looking for your Chinese bride online, consider trying these options.

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#1 Eastern Honeys
#2 SakuraDate
#3 TheLuckyDate Asia

Dating Chinese women in the US 🇺🇸

If you don’t think finding a Chinese mail order wife is a viable option for you, consider looking for a match locally. After all, the Chinese population in the US exceeds 5 million. New York alone hosts nearly 900K Chinese people, and you can find large communities across all major cities, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Boston, Washington, etc.

So you should have no trouble finding cultural and language exchange centers to meet Asian women for dating.

  • In large cities, you can meet thousands of educated, successful Asian ladies
  • Compared to international travel, locally dating Chinese girls is less costly
  • Evaluating compatibility and dating potential is easier in person than online
  • Smaller towns may not have a Chinese population large enough to guarantee a match
  • Non-US-born Chinese girls may have poor English, no education or career prospects
  • Meeting single Asian ladies can be challenging, as they tend to be wary of strangers

As you can tell, the success of finding a Chinese girl in America depends mostly on where you live and work. Still, you can hedge your bets and combine local search with using international dating websites.

Traveling to China 🇨🇳

Clearly, China has the biggest concentration of single Chinese ladies, so that’s where your search for a wife will go fastest. However, like the other two approaches, international travel has advantages and drawbacks in equal measure.

  • Any city will produce thousands of potential Chinese brides
  • You can learn more about Chinese culture and traditions to win over local girls
  • Face-to-face meetings help decide if you’re compatible with Chinese brides
  • Some Chinese girls you meet may not be interested in moving to the US
  • Travel expenses can get extreme, especially if you take your time
  • You’ll have to deal with parental disapproval and stereotypes about foreigners

Traveling across the Pacific to meet potential Chinese wives is best for people who can afford to take a few months off the job or remotely work while looking for a match. Otherwise, a personal foray into Chinese dating culture may turn out too costly.

👉 The truth is, none of the three options we’ve covered has a 100% guarantee of success. You may run across a lovely Chinese lady in your favorite coffee shop, or you may have better luck swiping through thousands of profiles of Chinese women for marriage online. Try combining two or three approaches to improve your chances of success.

How much does it cost to get a Chinese mail order bride?

You won’t get a Chinese mail order bride catalog with pricing and shipping costs, but you can estimate the average expenses if you account for four major spending categories.

  • Dating sites’ expenses: $100 to $200 monthly
  • One week travel: Around $2,000 for a roundtrip flight + about $600 for a hotel stay
  • Visa and documents: About $2,300, more if you hire an immigration attorney
  • Wedding: $15,000 to $45,000 for a wedding reception and ceremony or up to $150 for a marriage license
  • Total: $20,000 to $50,000 (with a wedding ceremony)

If you discount the wedding costs, you’ll see dating Chinese women isn’t much more expensive than going out with local girls, and there are smart ways to reduce your expenses, like traveling outside the high season, for one.

What makes Chinese girls look for husbands abroad?

Being a Chinese woman is tough, especially as the country seems to be reverting to its extremely patriarchal roots. Getting married to an American can help a Chinese girl avoid the following:

  • Unhappy marriage. As families continue to play a significant role in marriage arrangements, rebellious Chinese girls may seek a chance to break the mold and strike off on their own.
  • Unfair treatment. Chinese women spend up to four hours per day on unpaid labor, twice as much as local men, so getting out of the country may result in better conditions for Chinese ladies.
  • Low standards. Chinese men often seek brides from poor neighboring countries, like the Philippines or Vietnam, who have lower standards than Chinese brides.
  • Glass ceiling. Chinese society limits career opportunities for women, so hardworking ladies may be looking for better employment options in the US.

Still, every Chinese woman will have unique personal motivation to marry a foreigner, so we encourage you to ask questions and discover her perspective as you get to know each other better.

Common myths about Chinese women

America’s politics and history still affect our perceptions of China and Chinese women. So let’s look closely at typical stereotypes and discover if they are true or baseless.

  • Chinese will eat anything, including their pets.

Busted: Although Chinese cuisine may be too exotic for American taste, the Chinese do not eat their dogs or other pets.

  • Chinese parents choose who their daughters marry.

Partially true: Some Chinese parents are extremely controlling and will arrange marriages, but not all Chinese women are willing to follow their parents blindly’ will.

  • Chinese women are rude and noisy.

Busted: Chinese girls are lively and energetic but only get noisy when they wish to be heard in the crowd. Otherwise, most Chinese women are well-mannered and respectful.

  • Chinese brides are materialistic.

Partially true: In the early stages of a relationship, Chinese women may not be interested in your finances, but if things get serious, they will want to ensure the financial stability of a future family and their children.

As you start dating Chinese mail order brides, be open about learning more about their culture, and you’ll discover just how lovely they are despite the common misconceptions about China.


Hopefully, we proved that Chinese mail order brides are excellent partners if you value loyalty and practicality in your partner beyond the exotic Asian looks. And our tips should help you choose the best approach to searching for Chinese brides, whether you choose to do so online, locally, or on your international travels.


Are Chinese mail order brides legal?

Yes, you can legally marry a Chinese woman, as international marriage is legal in the US and China. However, you will need to provide proof of a relationship when your fiance applies for a K-1 visa, and you may feel more comfortable using the services of an immigration attorney.

Can mail order bride relationships with Chinese women be successful?

Yes, they can be successful, though we haven’t managed to find solid research with hard numbers. Still, there are plenty of successful love stories floating around the internet to convince us that love across the Pacific is possible.

How do Chinese women perceive relationships and marriage compared to American women?

Many Chinese women are brought up in traditional patriarchal families, so they may expect their American husbands to take a leading role in a relationship, especially when it comes to decision-making and dealing with serious issues. However, individual perceptions of relationships and marriage may differ.

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