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It is not difficult to find, date, and marry a Czech mail order bride. Even though online dating is not exactly the most popular form of communication, you can still expect to find a few hundred women online. For instance, in 2019, almost 40 girls from this country moved to the United States and married American men. Considering the small population of the country, it is a rather impressive number. So now, let’s find out what you need to do to be with superb Czech brides!

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Joly, 27
27 y.o.
Location Czech Republic
Occupation Home Maker
Kids No
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Margaritka, 42
42 y.o.
Location Czech Republic
Occupation Lawyer / Paralegal
Kids No
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Valentina, 25
25 y.o.
Location Czechia, Karlovy Vary
Occupation Manager
Kids No
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Dominika Anna, 25
Dominika Anna
25 y.o.
Location Czechia, Prague
Occupation executive director
Kids No
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Aliia, 32
32 y.o.
Location Czech Republic
Occupation Teacher
Kids No
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Olena, 35
35 y.o.
Location Czechia, Olomouc
Occupation sexologist
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Czech females have the Slavic origin. The Czech Republic, or Czechoslovakia, to be exact, was also a part of the Soviet Union. However, Czech women always were and still remain a bit different from Russian, Ukrainian, and other eastern European girls. So what are they like? Do Czech mail order brides exist? Are there dating sites where you can meet them? You’ll find all the answers below.

pretty czech lady in hat

What are Czech wives like?

First, let’s take a look at a few facts about Czech girls for marriage. They are:

  1. As beautiful as other Slavic girls, but not obsessed with heavy makeup, high heels, and luxury outfits.
  2. Pretty “sexually liberated”. The Czech Republic is a country of open-minded people. Even in the times of the Soviet Union, in the early 1950s, communist Czechoslovakia embarked on pioneering, nationwide research into the female orgasm. In 1961, it decriminalized homosexuality. These girls have sex, love it, and are not ashamed of it.
  3. Hard-working, educated, definitely not lazy. This country has a pretty good education system, and there is no gender discrimination in colleges, universities, and offices. So, most are smart, well-educated, and have careers.

So, who can you meet in the Czech Republic? There, you can find pretty, independent, strong, educated, and open-minded ladies. And they don’t mind dating foreigners. More importantly, they often meet and date them online.

Benefits of being with a Czech mail order wife

The Czech Republic is an Eastern European country, which means that girls who live there will look stunning. They will share a lot with the world’s most popular hotties—Russian and Ukrainian beauties. However, what makes Czech girls differ from these ladies is that Czech mail order brides are more progressive and modern. The Czech Republic is a more Westernized country, where people share more values with Americans. So, you may not expect a lot of cultural differences while dating your woman.

Apart from stunning appearance, Czech women are supportive and loyal. They see marriage as a union where both partners can rely on each other. If you need your wife, she will be there no matter what! Such devotion and dedication are rather rare nowadays!

beautiful czech woman in top

Where to find Czech women for marriage?

First, let’s clarify who a Czech mail order wife is. She is not a woman who wants to migrate to a better country, improve her living conditions, get a green card and her husband’s money. She’s just a girl who dates online and likes foreign guys best. In general, you can meet such a woman on international dating sites or niche mail order bride websites (if a girl is ready to get married.)

How to date Czech brides?

So, if you want to marry a Czech wife, you need to win her heart first. How to do it? Here are some tips that work:

  • Don’t rush the physical but don’t be too passive, too. She’ll give you a sign when she’s ready, just don’t miss it.
  • Don’t brag, don’t act like you’re from a “better” country or that you earn more. In some poor countries, you can impress a girl (who’ll just want your money, though), but in the Czech Republic, you’ll just look like a bad-mannered fool.
  • A Czech bride expects you to give her flowers, at least from time to time, and not only on Valentine’s day.
  • Show her your respect. Remember that ladies in this country really respect themselves, and want men to do the same. If you show her that you consider her thoughts and views silly and hilarious, you’ll hardly win her heart.

So, Czech mail order wives are truly special. On the one hand, they are like other Slavic girls — they are beautiful, feminine, a lot of them want to have a husband and children, and at the same time, they are definitely more westernized. Well, some western guys believe that this makes them just perfect for marriage, and we can’t help but agree with them.

cute czech bride in bodysuit

How much to pay to find a Czech wife?

On average, you need to pay around $10-80 per month. The exact price depends on the site you choose, how much you can spend, and the demands of your date. She may want you to send her as many gifts as possible. Fortunately, Czech brides are not very demanding!

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How to impress a Czech lady?

To impress your Czech bride, you shouldn’t do something special. Although it may sound absurd, trying too much could simply scare away your bride. To make a great first impression, be respectful, kind, and attentive. Your bride will expect you to act like a gentleman.

You can always impress your girl by showing that you know something about her culture and country. Not many people know about the Czech Republic, so your knowledge about even the basic stuff could impress your date. You can start by checking out these 20 interesting facts about the Czech Republic. Don’t be a jerk, and you will have the best time of your life with your Czech mail order bride!


Although Czech wives are not the most popular Slavic girls for marriage and dating online, they are totally worth your time and money. You won’t be disappointed dating these ladies. So, start a new chapter of your life and find true love in the Czech Republic!

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