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With a population of around 7 million people, Bulgaria is not the first country that comes to mind when you’re thinking of beautiful Slavic women. After all, only 33 Bulgarian mail order brides came to the US in 2022. So today, we look at what makes them stand out among Eastern European brides and how to find your perfect match in Bulgaria.

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What are Bulgarian women like?

Although Americans tend to lump all European brides together, each country has a rich and unique history and culture that affects local women. For instance, Bulgarian mail order brides are different from other Balkan ladies because they are:

  • Friendly. Any Bulgarian girl may seem wary of talking to a stranger, but she is always happy to help and warms up to foreigners quickly.
  • Devoted. Although Bulgarian men rarely settle for monogamy, local women are loyal and supportive of their husbands if they are treated fairly.
  • Hardworking. Bulgarian ladies work as hard as men, and their workweek is at least 40 hours long, coupled with the need to deal with house chores.
  • Headstrong. Bulgarian wives need to be strong and opinionated to stand up to local men, and they tend to bring the same attitude into their relationships with foreigners.
  • Pragmatic. Sometimes their attitude can come off as negative and depressing, though it’s mostly caused by the realities of their life in Bulgaria.

So while a relationship with a Bulgarian lady may not be the most romantic, it will be strong and honest, built on mutual trust and respect. If that’s something you want from your marriage, you can start looking for a compatible partner immediately, thanks to online dating services.

Bulgarian mail order bride catalog

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Where & how to meet a Bulgarian woman for marriage?

Online Dating 🫶

Realistically, you cannot find a real Bulgarian mail order wife within 24 hours. But you can set up a dating account and start searching for suitable partners.

After all, it takes a few easy steps:

  • Step 1. Sign up for a dating profile with an alluring photo and exciting bio to gain attention.
  • Step 2. Search for Bulgarian women for marriage using matching features or filters.
  • Step 3. Test different communication tools and pick the most comfortable option.
  • Step 4. Keep the spark alive with video chats, photo messages, and gift exchanges.
  • Step 5. Agree on a time and place to arrange your first in-person date and grow your relationship from there.
  • There are thousands of single Bulgarian ladies looking for serious relationships on niche dating sites
  • Thanks to translation software, the language barrier shouldn’t be a problem when chatting online
  • Dating site charges are negligible compared to local dating and international travel
  • Significant time differences can make real-time communication challenging
  • Chats, photos, and videos aren’t enough to assess physical attraction and compatibility
  • There’s always a risk of running across scammers and gold diggers, though they can be reported and blocked

Although online dating is extremely efficient for finding a single Bulgaria girl for marriage, in most cases, it benefits from adding IRL meetings into the mix. Still, making the first step to meeting your Bulgarian soulmate is easier than ever with niche dating platforms.

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Dating Bulgarian women in the US 🇺🇸

Unfortunately, the Bulgarian population in the US remains under 100,000, with the biggest communities in Illinois, California, and Florida, though even those are only around 10,000. Still, you may be able to find single Bulgarian girls in ethnic neighborhoods or language and culture exchange centers. But you should be ready to face the good and the bad of this dating approach.

  • Dating a Bulgarian girl locally is more affordable than traveling to Bulgaria
  • Deciding if the relationship will work is easier on IRL dates than online
  • Language shouldn’t be a problem for women you meet in the US
  • Most small cities won’t have large Bulgarian dating pools
  • It can be easy to confuse Bulgarian women with women from other Slavic countries and cause offense
  • Most Bulgarian women traveling to the US are already married or attached

With this in mind, you’ll have better luck if you try to meet Bulgarian brides online on local dating apps before setting dates to bring your relationship to real life.

Traveling to Bulgaria 🇧🇬

Since the US cannot boast a large Bulgarian community, traveling to Bulgaria may seem like the only viable option to meet Bulgarian brides offline. Despite its obvious benefits, this approach has its fair share of downsides, too.

  • Traveling and staying in Bulgaria is relatively affordable compared to other EU countries
  • Staying in Bulgaria helps understand local women and their quirks better
  • Face-to-face dates are invaluable for gauging compatibility and chemistry
  • Due to the Cyrillic alphabet, staying in Bulgaria can be disorienting and confusing
  • Bulgarian girls can be wary of meeting foreigners in bars or clubs
  • Starting a strong relationship in one week is highly unlikely

👉 Ideally, you’d need to stay in Bulgaria for at least a couple of months to find the right Bulgarian girl and build a strong foundation for a relationship. Unfortunately, that’s not a viable option for most. Instead, we suggest combining online dating with international travel for the best results. First, sign up and find a couple of potential partners on dating sites and then arrange a trip to meet them in person. It’s the most efficient use of your time and money.

How much does it cost to get a Bulgarian mail order bride?

You can’t put a price on relationships, but estimating the dating cost is possible if you account for the four major spending categories, such as:

  • Dating sites’ expenses: From $100 monthly
  • One week travel: Around $700 for roundtrip airfare and about $500 for accommodations
  • Visa and documents: Approximately $2,300 in fees and charges
  • Wedding: From $150 for a marriage license to $45,000 for a reception and ceremony
  • Total: From $3,650

Overall, the cost of dating Bulgarian brides online isn’t too outrageous to make it an unattainable dream. In fact, it’s comparable to what you’d spend dating locally, though the exact numbers can vary.

What makes Bulgarian girls look for husbands abroad?

Generalizations don’t do charming ladies from Bulgaria justice, but our research shows that most of them are driven to online dating to:

  • Avoid domestic violence. Physical and sexual abuse is escalating in Bulgaria, and many men believe it is their right to “punish” their partners; as a result, many Bulgarian girls look for foreign men to avoid violence.
  • Build strong families. Some Bulgarian men believe having more than one sexual partner is natural for men, so adultery statistics in the country are off the charts, and that’s not something many Bulgarian women are willing to forgive.
  • Be an equal partner. Many Bulgarian women are relegated solely to house chores and child-rearing with no alternative options available, and that’s not every girl’s dream.
  • Open new opportunities. The gender pay gap exceeds 15% in Bulgaria, even in mostly female-driven fields like education, and ambitious women seek better employment opportunities along with marriage offers.

As you see, Bulgarian mail order brides don’t always seek financial stability from foreign husbands. Instead, they want to have a happy and devoted relationship, though we encourage you to learn the personal motivations of each woman you meet to learn more about their unique situations.

Common myths about Bulgarian women

When pressed, you’ll hardly be able to think of any hard facts about Bulgaria. So it isn’t surprising that most stereotypes about Bulgarian mail order brides and the nation as a whole are based on assumptions. Here are a few examples:

  • Bulgarian women are the same as Russian women.

Busted: Bulgaria is a Balkan state, which suffered under the Soviet communist regime, but it has its unique culture and language, and most Bulgarian women would be annoyed at being called Russian.

  • Bulgarians are weird and backward.

Busted: The miscommunication is usually attributed to the Bulgarians’ habit of shaking their head to say “yes” and nodding their head to say “no”, so understanding gestures tends to be a bit difficult.

  • Bulgarian women are gold-diggers because the country is poor.

Busted: Although Bulgaria may not be as prosperous as other EU countries, most Bulgarians belong to the middle class, own houses and cars, and earn enough to live comfortably.

  • Bulgarians are lazy and unmotivated.

Busted: Like most people in Southern Europe, Bulgarians know the secret to leading calm, unhurried lives and enjoying every moment instead of living in a constant rush and stressing over deadlines.

Hopefully, these debunked myths will encourage you to learn more about Bulgaria and its people and see Bulgarian mail order wives for who they are, not the stereotypes pop culture wants you to believe.


Are you excited to learn more about Bulgarian women firsthand? International dating websites offer all the communication options you need to find the right woman and make a personal connection across borders. As long as you forget the common stereotypes and remember to be patient and respectful, you should have no trouble flirting and building relationships with Bulgarian girls.


Are Bulgarian mail order brides legal?

Yes, you can legally marry a Bulgarian mail order bride on US or Bulgarian soil. Both countries recognize international marriages, though the official marriage procedures are understandably different.

Can mail order bride relationships with Bulgarian women be successful?

Yes, relationships with Bulgarian mail order brides can be successful if your goals and values align. You can find plenty of success stories online that prove dating sites can work for international relationships.

How do language barriers impact mail order bride relationships with Bulgarian women?

Bulgarian women have a high English proficiency on average, so the language barrier should not significantly affect their relationships. At the same time, don’t expect everyone in Bulgaria to understand English if you come to visit. Older people, especially in small villages, won’t be able to understand you.

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