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Bulgaria is a small country in the Balkan region that is not particularly well-known in the West. There are many reasons why you should pay closer attention to this country, and one of them is its lovely female population. Let us introduce you to Bulgarian brides!

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Hayat, 38
38 y.o.
Location Bulgaria
Occupation Other
Kids Yes
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Vika, 26
26 y.o.
Location Bulgaria
Occupation Finance / Accounting
Kids No
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Stela, 24
24 y.o.
Location Sofia, Bulgaria
Occupation model
Kids No children
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Kaila Rene, 24
Kaila Rene
24 y.o.
Location Bulgaria, Sofia
Occupation Manager
Kids No
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Natalya, 35
35 y.o.
Location Bulgaria
Occupation Home Maker
Kids Yes
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Kristina, 20
20 y.o.
Location Bulgaria, Sofia
Occupation Spa manager at the hotel
Kids No
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Why should you consider Bulgarian girls for marriage?

So what makes Bulgarian mail order brides perfect spouses to Western men? Most importantly, it’s a combination of these five qualities.

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Bulgarian mail order wives are incredibly pretty

When you first meet one or more Bulgarian ladies, you will be left speechless by their naturally pretty appearance. If we needed to compare the beauty of Bulgarian females to any other ethnicity, we would say that they have similar features to Moldova brides. They have a similar golden-tinted skin tone, curly dark hair, and delicate yet feminine figures.

Bulgarian ladies are easy to be around

Going out with a Bulgarian girl, let alone being married to one, has got to be one of the easiest experiences in the world. You won’t need to try too hard to please your woman, as she will be just as invested in the success of your relationship as you. Bulgarian females notice everything you do for them and are thankful for it.

Bulgarian brides take family seriously

Like Ukraine mail order wives, Bulgarian women consider family to be the most essential part in any person’s life. They are very protective of their loved ones and can be very self-sacrificing when needed.

Bulgarian girls make outstanding housewives

A typical Bulgarian lady has a bright personality and big aspirations, but she is also not opposed to the traditional gender roles in the family. In fact, Bulgarian wives make excellent housewives and will regularly treat you to all kinds of delicacies.

Bulgarian mail order brides are absolutely sincere

It’s simply not in the nature of a Bulgarian wife to tell lies or not tell the whole truth. When a Bulgarian woman tells you how she feels about you, you can be 100% confident she’s not concealing anything.

bulgarian woman for marriage in bodysuit

Why is the idea of marrying a foreign man so attractive to Bulgarian brides?

Bulgaria is located in a sunny spot in Europe and looks like a fantastic place to live. The reality, however, is different from the first impression. Bulgaria is one of the poorest countries in the region, and many Bulgarian women for marriage don’t see a future in their home state. Moreover, like most Venezuelan women for marriage, they are attracted to the typical Western man and to the life they can live abroad, which makes them consider marrying a foreigner.

Are Bulgarian mail order brides legit?

Definitely! Beautiful Bulgarian mail order brides who you meet on reliable dating sites are legit. If you are confused by the name, you are not actually mailing a bride nor are you buying a Bulgarian woman for marriage, you are just paying for dating services.

Real mail order brides are legal as you are getting to know ladies, and may develop a relationship with one of them. Most Bulgarian girls for marriage are willing to move abroad. But the only difference to international marriage is that it requires a special procedure.

You need to obtain a K-1 visa or marry in Bulgaria and apply for a K-3 visa. To marry in Bulgaria you’ll need certain documents like a declaration that there are no obstacles for you to get married or a medical certificate.

Also, after marriage, your Bulgarian wife can apply for adjustment of status and marriage Green Card. Note that marriage in the US or outside it to the US citizen doesn’t guarantee to receive permanent residence.

How much does it cost to find a Bulgarian mail order wife?

When you use a reputable dating site to find your future wife from Bulgaria, you should understand that your experience will never be completely free. From the cost of an advanced site membership to the price of visiting your bride in Bulgaria, the whole journey will always cost you money. On average, Western men spend between $3,000 and $15,000 from start to finish.

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Dating a Bulgarian mail order bride: 5 life-saving tips

Do you want a great relationship with a Bulgarian bride? Then follow these tips:

  1. Don’t play with her feelings. Women in Bulgaria are incredibly straightforward and don’t play any mind games, and they expect the same from you.
  2. Invest in classic romance. The romantic culture in Bulgaria is somewhat old-fashioned, so traditional romance is always the safe option.
  3. Let her into your inner world. It’s fine if you want to seem cooler or tougher than you really are, but as you open up to each other, let your bride see the real you.
  4. Meet her parents early on. Family is extremely important to Bulgarian mail order brides, so your Bulgarian girlfriend will definitely want you to meet her loved ones.
  5. Learn to unwind and have fun. Use the dates with your Bulgarian lady as a way to get to know each other better in informal situations and have fun together.

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Final thoughts

Bulgarian brides may not be as popular among Western men as some other European brides, but it’s only a question of time when more single guys will find out about these charming women. Hurry up to find your ideal life partner from Bulgaria!

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