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The Greeks are all loud, hairy, and lazy. And all they do is complain. At least, that’s what many Americans think. Today, we’ll try to dispel the common misconceptions and make Greek brides popular again to boost their numbers, as only 24 Greek brides came to the US on fiance visas in 2022. And Greek women certainly deserve our attention.

3 best dating sites to meet Greek women

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What are Greek women like?

We try to avoid assumptions and generalizations because they cannot do women of any nation justice. Still, we can go over a few common traits most Greek wives share to help you decide if they are the right choice for you. For example, a typical Greek lady is:

  1. Beautiful. Although an average Greek woman doesn’t look much like ancient statues, she is a spicy mix of olive skin, dark hair, and a proud profile.
  2. Hard-working. Greeks work over 39 hours per week, which makes them one of the most hard-working nations in the EU.
  3. Great cooks. Greek cuisine can give French and Italian ones a run for their money, and recipes are often preserved within families for generations.
  4. Proud. Heirs to the forefathers of democracy, philosophy, astronomy, and math, Greeks are extremely proud of their historical and cultural heritage, and they protect it with a vengeance.
  5. Opinionated. Greek women aren’t afraid to stand up for what they think is right and get themselves heard despite local men’s expectations.

If it looks like Greek wives embody everything you’re looking for in a woman, international dating sites can help you connect with single ladies interested in serious relationships. You can find potential candidates in the catalog below.

Greek mail order bride catalog

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Where & how to meet a Greek woman for marriage?

Online Dating 🫶

Around 6% of Greeks use online dating apps, so you’ll need a bit of know-how to choose the best platforms and find suitable matches. It takes a few steps to meet Greek women online and form lasting relationships:

  • Step 1. Select a couple of reliable international dating services to test and pick your favorite.
  • Step 2. Make a profile that will stand out with quality shots, a flirty bio, and personal details.
  • Step 3. Try different online dating tools to find matches: swiping, search filters, etc.
  • Step 4. Narrow down your options to two or three Greek brides and reach out.
  • Step 5. Test all available communication means and set up a routine to keep up a long-distance relationship.
  • Step 6. Discuss a face-to-face meeting and arrange your trip once you’re both ready for it.
  • There are thousands of eligible Greek ladies for you to choose from on any niche dating platform
  • Most girls on dating sites are open about their relationship status and needs, so there’s no second-guessing
  • You can work virtual dates and the whole relationship into a busy schedule
  • The time difference can disrupt real-time communication, especially if you’re on the West Coast
  • Online dating can only last so long until you need physical contact to further the relationship
  • Catfishing and scams can make it through even the most careful screening, so you need to be careful

So, although online dating cannot replace an IRL connection, it’s still the most efficient and expedient way to find the right Greek bride for you. And we’ve selected a few reputable platforms for you to try.

Rank Site Free Trial Link  
#1 SofiaDate
#2 BravoDate
#3 UkraineBrides4you

Dating Greek women in the US 🇺🇸

There are up to 3 million people of Greek descent in the US, with the biggest communities present in New York, Illinois, Florida, and Massachusetts. Big cities like Chicago and New York boast numerous Greek taverns, bodegas, clubs, and Orthodox churches and host Greek street festivals and parades.

So, you should have no trouble immersing yourself in Greek culture and finding girls to date.

  • Language barrier shouldn’t be an issue when dating Greek women in the US
  • A few dates IRL should be enough to gauge your compatibility and decide if the relationship is worth it
  • Dating local Greek girls saves you money on international travel
  • Greek neighborhoods are friendly but noisy and overwhelming for newcomers
  • Asking a Greek girl out in person is as nerve-wracking as getting an American girl’s number
  • Smaller towns may not have a Greek population large enough to produce eligible Greek girls for marriage

So, while dating local Greek girls may seem like the easiest choice, it’s not always as straightforward as it seems. To make things go smoother for you, consider finding matches online before meeting them in person.

Traveling to Greece 🇬🇷

Turning your vacation time into a hunt for a Greek bride can work in your favor since Greece obviously has the highest concentration of single Greek women in the world. But before you hop on a plane, consider the benefits and drawbacks of this approach.

  • Most big cities have big dating pools full of single Greek women
  • Greece makes a romantic and picturesque backdrop for dates and intimacy
  • Spending time together IRL can help your relationship mature faster
  • Some Greek girls may not have the best attitude toward American tourists
  • Traveling to Greece during the high season is quite costly, and the crowds can hamper your search for a bride
  • One or two weeks of vacation time aren’t enough to build a strong relationship

Ultimately, getting dates in Greece will be even harder than in the US, considering the foreign culture, some prejudice against tourists, and the potential language barrier. Besides, you’d need to relocate to Greece or take a sabbatical to have enough time to find a Greek girlfriend and develop a strong relationship.

👉 If you cannot afford fruitless vacations to Greece, consider combining online dating with international travel. First, find a couple of potential matches on a dating site, and once you get to the point of taking your relationship to the next level, arrange your trip to meet in Greece.

How much does it cost to get a Greek mail order bride?

There’s no way to calculate the precise bottom line for getting your Greek mail order wife. At best, we can estimate the major expenses, such as:

  • Dating sites’ expenses: From $100 to $200 monthly, depending on the dating site
  • One week travel: Around $800 for roundtrip airfare and about $1,200 for accommodations
  • Visa and documents: Approximately $2,300
  • Wedding: From $150 for a marriage license and from $15,000 on wedding expenses
  • Total: From $4,650

If you’re smart about planning, you can lower the cost significantly. For example, traveling to Greece outside the high season can halve your travel expenses. On the other hand, Greek Orthodox tradition usually calls for a big wedding, which may be quite costly. Still, when you think about it, dating a Greek girl online isn’t much more expensive than dating local women.

What makes Greek girls look for husbands abroad?

We cannot speak for every Greek woman registered on a dating site, but our research highlighted a few common reasons for their desire to find foreign men to marry. Here are a few typical motivations we discovered:

  • Safe harbor. Femicides and domestic violence are getting out of hand in Greece, and many Greek ladies consider emigration the only way to stay safe.
  • Equality and partnership. Greek society is extremely traditional and conservative, leaving women in a vulnerable and dependent position, which isn’t what many girls want for themselves.
  • Independent, self-made men. Despite their overdone masculinity, many Greek men are mama’s boys and stay with their families into their 30s, which isn’t every Greek girl’s ideal.
  • Financial stability. Greece has been going through one economic crisis after another, and many families are barely making ends meet.
  • Career prospects. Although the pay gap isn’t too severe in Greece (around 10%), ambitious women are looking at better employment opportunities as a side bonus to marrying Americans.

This list barely scratches the surface, so we encourage you to chat with Greek mail order brides and learn their individual motivations instead of making blanket judgments.

Common myths about Greek women

Movies like “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and other pop culture representations don’t do Greeks justice, perpetuating outdated stereotypes and misconceptions. So, let’s dispel a couple of the most persistent myths:

  • Greek women are loud and rude.

Busted: Most Greeks (as well as Spaniards and Italians) speak loudly, but that’s the cultural norm, often stemming from the wish to be heard in big crowds.

  • Greeks are a lazy nation.

Busted: Although siesta is a national staple, and strikes are common, Greeks actually have some of the longest work weeks in Europe.

  • Greek women are very superstitious.

Busted: Although the symbol of protection from the evil eye is a common sight on the streets of Greece, it’s mostly a tourist souvenir, not something most young Greeks use daily.

  • Greeks have enormous families.

Busted: That may have been true a century ago, but currently, Greece has one of the lowest fertility rates in Europe, which is mostly a result of the country’s poor economic landscape.

As you can see, most Americans’ impressions of Greeks are outdated, so we encourage you to learn more about the current Greek culture and its people to avoid miscommunication when dating Greek women.


Greek wives make excellent lifelong partners, but it takes some work to find the right woman and build a strong foundation for a lasting union. Hopefully, our guidelines and tips will help you choose the best dating approach and win over Greek brides with your understanding of their culture and avoidance of outdated stereotypes. And if you want to get on track to finding your Greek bride fast, use reputable online dating services before switching to IRL dates.


Are Greek mail order brides legal?

Yes, Greek mail order brides are legal. You can get married in Greece or the US, and both countries will recognize your marriage if you follow legal procedures.

Can mail order bride relationships with Greek women be successful?

Although Greek ladies aren’t as popular among American men as other European women, they make loyal and caring girlfriends and wives. You can easily find success stories online, even if there are bound to be some disappointed accounts in the mix.

How do language barriers impact mail order bride relationships with Greek women?

Greece girls have a high English proficiency, and those registered on online dating sites are even more motivated to improve their skills. So, the language barrier should not be a problem in most relationships with Greek mail order brides.

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